Kullanari Koottam

I didn’t feel like visiting theatre to watch a movie for the past 50 days, its all because of Kollywood which released all kind of crap movies for the past 50 days. I was desperately waiting to watch Kullanari Koottam,because the movie is from vennila kabadi kuzhu gang who gave mind blowing performance in the debut movie. Does the movie live up the expectations??? Its No…..

Story Analysis:

Vetri(Vishnu) a MBA graduate who stays at home and roam around the streets without any Job/Work. When his father ask him to recharge his mobile, by mistake Vetri recharge to some other unknown number. When Vetri tries to find out that un known person to get back the money, the un known person happens to be Priya(Remya). As usual love blossoms between them. Opposition comes in form of Priya’s father who is a military man. He demands Vetri to become a police officer before marrying Priya. But Vetri’s father doesn’t like policemen and their activities. The remaining story is all about how Vetri become a police officer and marry Priya.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Once again vishnu proved that he can act as an innocent human being with some natural comic sense. Remya played the female lead, she played her part well. The remaining members are taken from vennila kabadi kuzhu. All the guys acted very well. Special mention should be made about the lady who played the mother character of vetri.

Music handled by selva ganesh.Background score was ok, but the melody which appeared in the first half was too good.  Sri Balaji directed this movie. He tried to direct a movie with some social message in built along with some commercial aspects, but he failed to mix both at right proportion.

General Analysis:

First half was good with some lively comedy and melody song, more over first half was just 58 mins. The real problem started of with the second half. Don’t know what for director kept so many scenes which showed the malpractice that happens in police selection. Almost for 20 mins, they showed various kind of athletic activities like long jump, high jump , running etc as a part of police selection process. There was some un expected masala elements like gana song and 2 more songs, which made the movie look very dull. All of a sudden the movie came to an end with some silly climax.

Over all, its a kind of movie which can be seen once without any expectation.

Expected No Of Days of Successful Run: 20 Days

My Verdict: Below Average

My Ratings:


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