Yudham Sei

Every year in the month of feb, we will be able to witness some quality movies. In that sense, this year it’s Yudham sei, which is gonna to make some positive noise everywhere in the forth coming days. Very normal story, but the way of taking and screen play was excellent.Whats so special about the movie???? Read the full review and find out !. 🙂

Story Analysis:

A textile shop owner along with his friends do a business of kidnapping girls and making them to act in sex shows. An innocent doctor’s daughter gets trapped by these kidnappers, as usual they rape that girl and leave her on road. On seeing that the entire doctor family becomes angry and decide to kill everyone who is involved in their daughter’s murder. The doctor family start killing all the ppl involved in that kidnap and rape process.

On the other track, k.krishnamoorthy(Cheran) a CBCID officer, is appointed to investigate the mysterious murder thats happening frequently. All of a sudden J.K’s sister gets lost. The entire story is all about how J.K use his brain and find out who is the real reason behind murder’s that are happening and how he saves his sister from the kidnappers.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Cheran as a CBCID officer, did very well. I think its a gr8 come back for cheran. Pasanga fame Jeyaprakash, acted very well and he can be considered as the backbone of the movie. Jeyaprakash has a tremendous future, provided he select proper scripts and directors. Y Gee mahendaran played the role of a doctor, let be innocent face or terror face in second half, he handled both very well, and its a gr8 come back for him too.Apart from the above mentioned ppl, other cast members acted very naturally. The full credits goes to Myskin for selecting correct person for all roles in this movie.

Cinematography handled by sathya, I think he is a debut cinematographer. But his shots in many places show that he is more experienced in handling cameras. Music composed by K. Though there was only one typical myskin movie item song starring Director Ameer and Neethu chandra. That song was relaxation number for the audience before the movie becomes serious in the second half. Regarding back ground score, I would say, for a thriller movie like this, definitely it could have been done better.

General Analysis:

First half was good as well as second half too. But in the second half towards the climax, they dragged in many places. That should have been avoided. But still Yudham Sei is a different attempt in tamil cinema. In that sense, we should be proud that kollywood has got a new avatar named Myskin who tries something different in all movies. Once again hats off to Myskin for directing a thriller movie by considering story as hero.

Do watch this movie if you love classical movies, Masala movie lovers please stay away from this movie.

Expected No Of Successful Run: 75 Days

My Verdict: Hit

My Ratings:

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