For the past few years Vijay movies were big flop, So many people made some trouble and prevented kavalan from releasing on Jan 14th… Fans waited in front of theatre for 2 days to see their idol hero…. Does this movie live upto the expectations and saved vijay and put him back on track???? Read the review and find out !…

Story Analysis:

Boominathan(Vijay) named by Muthuramalingam(Raj kiran) who is treated as god in a village named semanoor. Boomi spend his most of the time by getting involved in fighting with people and creating trouble. So his parents try to send him to muthuramalingam , so that he will change as normal boy who deal everything patiently. Boomi takes up the job of being as body guard to muthuramalingam. Meera(Asin) the daughter of muthuramalingam gets into problem because of his brother. So Muthuramalingam appoint boomi as meera’s body guard and ask him to join the same college where meera is studying. Meera and her friend Madhu under the guidance of Boomi, they go to chennai. Meera doesn’t like the activities of Boomi, so she make phone calls and speak to boomi in another voice and try to change his activities. But at certain point of time, she falls in love with him. Boomi doesn’t know that the gal who speaks with him on phone is none other than meera.But meera is already engaged with some other guy. With in interesting twist , the movie takes another plot and goes in some other direction. The climax is all about how meera and boomi join together after 10 years. I don’t want to reveal the climax, so I am stopping the story analysis.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

I was able to see kadhaluku mariyadhai vijay back on screen. Yep, his acting was so matured and decent. He carried the entire movie on his shoulder.I am very much eager to see this normal vijay in movies to come. Asin played the lady love, well i really feel pity for her. Don’t know what for she went to bollywood. Her cuteness, charmness, screen presence etc.. everything is lost. More over she lost lot of weight and looking so sick. I think she came to shooting without proper sleep in most of the scenes. Hope she stays back with kollywood and come back to form.

Vadivelu took care of the comedy, as usual vijay-vadivelu combination was good. The biggest disappointment of this movie was the background score and songs. Vidhyasagar looks totally out of form, its high time he quit from tamil cinema like deva 🙂 No need to say about Raj Kiran’s acting, as usual he did well. Finally the director Siddique, did a decent job by directing the movie without any masala.

General Analysis:

No story in the first half, No story in the initial second half too. But the last 20 mins contained few twists and it was emotional and interesting. At times it looked like same scene repeating again and again. May be malayalam audience like such slow movies, but in tamil, people prefer the movie to be very very fast. Thats where the director made a mistake of adding unwanted scenes.

With proper songs like usual vijay movies, and proper asin , and few editing here and there, the movie would have been blockbuster hit. On the whole its a different experience to see old vijay. We can see the movie definitely once for the sake of vijay. Most of the family audience will like it. Regarding vijay fans, I don’t know the answer for that question. If he acted in the same movie some 8 years ago,then the movie would have been super hit. Fans expect a lot from him, In that sense, they wont be satisfied.

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 40 Days

My Verdict: Above Average

My Ratings:

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