Siruthai- As usual remake of Telugu movie named vikramakudu Starring Ravi Teja and Anuskha. That movie was released 4 years ago and it was super duper hit. This movie should be remade 4 years ago or they should have left the idea of remaking it in kollywood.

Story Analysis:

Rocket Raja(Karthi) and kattupoochi(santhanam) do all kinds of job like pickpocket, fraud and all sort of works and spend their life. All of a sudden a 5 years old baby comes and call rocket raja as her father. Confused rocket raja try to find out the real father of the gal and hand over the baby to her father. At certain stage rocket raja comes to know that the gal’s father is a police cop(Rathina vel Pandian) who looks exactly like him. In the cop’s flash back, he gets badly hit by local rowdies(babuji and co) .In between Rocket Raja meets Swetha(Tamanna) in a wedding ceremony and falls in love with her at sight. The remaining story is all about how rocket raja act as police cop and take revenge of babuji and co and how swetha react to the gal baby who is with rocket raja.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Karthi did an excellent job as tough cop and robber. He differentiated both the characters very well through his acting and body language. I am sure karthi can do more dual roles in future. Tamanna played the lady love, though she appear for very few scenes, but she sparkled on screen 🙂

I don’t need to say anything about santhanam, as usual he made us laugh in many places. I think music director Vidhyasagar it totally out of form, let it be background score or songs, its mere crap.

General Analysis:

Being Telugu remake, the director should have tried to re-write the story based on a small town located in Tamilnadu, don’t know what for director siva didn’t replace the town and people as well as their costumes. He just retained the telugu villains, their costumes and village. That was the biggest draw back of the movie.

Director tried to re-create the hip magic created by anuskha in the original version using tamanna, but again he failed. Instead of hip magic, he should have thought of something else 🙂 How can Tamanna replace Anuskha in creating hip magic?????? 🙂

90% of the movie was just a rip from original version, and only few changes made here and there. On the whole its pakka commercial movie which you will enjoy when you leave your brain at home when entering theatre 🙂 Forget logic and see the movie once for the sake of karthi’s powerful performance.

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 40 Days

My Verdict: Above Average

My Ratings:

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