3 years of hard work put in as 3 hours movie that’s what we can say about Aadukalam. Does the movie live up to the expectations???? Read the full review and find out 🙂

Story Analysis:

Pettaikaran(jayabalan) and Rathina Swamy are long-term enemies in rooster/cock-fight competition. karuppu(Dhanush) and Durai(Kishore) spend their entire life under the custody of Pettaikaran, though karuppu is expert in cock-fight , pettaikaran gives preference to durai in all the works. During cock-fight competition, karuppu plays in the name of Pettaikaran and win 3 matches. There the ego clash starts between karuppu and Pettaikaran. Though karuppu never think of hurting his guru, but pettaikaran plays his tricks and try to take revenge on karuppu using durai as tool. The remaining story is all about whether pettaikaran kill karuppu or vice versa. With un usual twist the movie comes to an end. In between karuppu falls in love with an anglo-indian girl named Irene(Tapsee).

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Dhanush as karupu lifted the entire movie on his shoulder through out the movie. In the row of kadhal kondean, pudhupettai etc., this movie can be added due to his powerful performance. Tapsee, a new entry for tamil cinema. She looked so cute and did her job well. Though she didn’t get enough scope to perform in this movie, she provided some relaxation in many places by her innocent voice and looks.

Yet another powerful performance from kishore , he acted very naturally. But the wick which he had on his head looked very artificial. Jeyabalan lived as pettaikaran who performed very well in all aspects. Once again G.V Prakash + Dhanush + vetrimaran combo is back to form. Background score and songs were too good. Though i didn’t notice the camera man’s name, he did a gr8 job by showing all the scenes so lively. Finally the captain of the ship Mr. vetrimaran, hats off to him for coming up with a simple but realistic story and creating something new in tamil cinema.

General Analysis:

First half was fast. Special mention should be made about the pre-interval scene which was simply superb and highlight of the movie. In the second half, the movie lost its track in few places, but still the last 15 mins to 20 mins compensated the drawbacks of the initial second half. I personally felt like climax was not good. Climax should have been made interesting. That is the only draw back of this movie.

Sun Pics, please re-shoot yathe yathe song with proper choreographer and release in TV. Seriously can’t bare to accept the fact that a good song is wasted on-screen.

On the whole aadukalam is a realistic movie which will be liked by most of the people, except a few who see cinema as pure entertainment. Like kadhal kondean vinoth, aadukalam karuppu will remain in our heart forever 🙂

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 75 Days

My Verdict: Hit

My Ratings:

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