Tamil Cinema Industry 2010


The below mentioned ratings and other kind of analysis are based on the movies which i watched personally in theatre.

TOP 10 MOVIES – 2010

  1. Angadi Theru
  2. Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya
  3. Mynna
  4. Endhiran
  5. Madarasapatinnam
  6. Singam
  7. Tamilpadam
  8. Boss Engira Baskaran
  9. Manmadha Ambu
  10. Kalavani

BEST MUSIC DIRECTOR: AR. Rahman for VTV, Raavanan and Endhiran

BEST DIRECTOR : Vasnatha Balan for Angadi Theru  & Shankar for Endhiran

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHER : Neerav Shah for Madrasapattinam

BEST HERO: Rajni for Endhiran

BEST HEROINE: Trisha for VTV and Anjali for Angadi Theru

BEST SUPPORTING ARTIST MALE: Madhavan for Manmadha Ambu and Thambi Ramiah ,Sethu for Mynna

BEST SUPPORTING ARTIST FEMALE: Sangeetha for Manmadha Ambu

BEST NEW FACE MALE: Mahesh for Angadi Theru

BEST NEW FACE FEMALE: Amala Paul for Mynna

BEST EDITOR:Antony for Endhiran

BEST COMEDIAN: Santhanam for Boss Engira Baskaran

BEST SKIN SHOW: Reema Sen for Aayirathil Oruvan

BEST FEEL GOOD MOVIE: Boss Engira Baskaran

BEST ROMANTIC MOVIE: Vinnai Thandi  Varuvaaya





BEST REMAKE MOVIE:Uthamaputhiran

PROMISING HERO OF THE YEAR 2011: Surya. With a blockbuster hit named Singam in 2010, he made his bollywood debut in the movie directed by Ram Gopal Varma.Currently he is acting under murugadas direction which is another highly expected movie. He is also considered as one of the hottest hero, liked by all directors and producers.

PROMISING HEROINE OF THE YEAR 2011: Tamanna. As usual no one has come to replace Tamanna who stood in the first place in the year 2010. If she selects better script and better production house, she will stay in first place forever for few more years. All leading hero’s prefer to act with Tamanna. Currently she has 2 projects namely siruthai and vengai which is expected to release in the year 2011.

SPECIAL THANKS TO Shankar, Rajni, AR Rahman and Sun pictures for making the Sci-fic movie Endhiran possible. They made the entire world to turn around and look at Tamil Cinema.

Highlights of the year 2010:

  • 2010 turned out to be unlucky year for many big hero’s like Ajith, vijay, vikram etc.,
  • Small budget movies like Kalavani, Mynna did very well at the box office.
  • Simbhu and Trisha got back their life through VTV.
  • ARR’s Hosana song can be mentioned as the most romantic song of the year 2010.
  • All of a sudden the word Mynna became very famous in Tamil Cinema. And the movie too became big hit in rural villages and cities.
  • Though Nayanthara caught up with n number of problems, she bounced back with Boss Engira Baskaran. Her homely character in that movie was good.
  • At times comedian can help a movie to become blockbuster hit, this statement was again proved by SMS team through Boss Engira Baskaran Movie.
  • Ayngaran International can be proud to say that , they produced Angadi Theru and Nandalala. Angadi Theru can be considered as a classical hit. Regarding nandalala, though the movie didn’t do well at box office, the movie really deserves special applause.
  • Ajith and Vijay totally lost their form by acting in movies like asal and sura . Hope they select proper scripts in future.
  • June 24th 2010, the day on which Manirathinam’s raavan/raavanan was released throughout India. But the movie turned out to be below average hit, which was shocking news to the entire India.
  • Oct 1 2010, the day on which Endhiran/Robo was released. It can be considered as the costly movie of India. Though it didn’t do well in Hindi version, South Indian cinema audience celebrated Endhiran release as an event. Chitti Robo will be in our heart forever.
  • Amy Jackson, heroine of madrasapatinam imported from UK  stole many teen age ppl’s heart.
  • Last but not the least, kamal’s Manmadha Ambu can be considered as one of the cool movie of this year. They recorded the voice live during shoot and used it directly without any kind of re-recording or dubbing.  Hats off to Kamal for making trisha to speak in tamil in her own voice 🙂

In 2010, both the commercial movies and classical movies became super hit. But one factor lies common between the top 10 movies listed above, its story and screenplay. If all the directors start concentrating on story and screenplay, then all the movies will become hit and earn huge profits.

Lets hope for the best in 2011.

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  1. Gayathri says:

    i like these all comments above because i get short & sweet details about tamil movie in 2010

  2. THAMEEM says:

    I like these comments and i am clearly understood about tamil industry.

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