Manmadhan Ambu

The year 2010 started of with realistic movies like angadi theru, vinnaithandi varuvaya followed by sci-fic movie like Endhiran and un-usual realistic love story like Mynna, the same year comes to an end with fun filled comical love story named Manmadhan Ambu. Yep , MMA can be considered as one of the coolest movie released in this year. What’s so special about this movie? Read the entre review and find out J

Story Analysis:

Madan Gopal(Madhavan) a rich business tycoon is engaged with a leading actress Ambujasingh/Nisha(Trisha). During the courtship period between the engagement and marriage, lot of mis-understanding comes in between them. So they decide to postpone their marriage. In order to forget things happened in her life, Ambu goes to Europe for a holiday trip. As soon as she reach there, she joins with Deepa(Sangeetha) who is none other than her school friend. On the other side, Deepa lives alone in Europe as her husband left her and went to USA.

Madan appoint Major Mannar(kamal) as Ammbu’s detective agent. His duty is to detect out all the activities of Ambu during the holidays and give news to Madan. Mannar accepts this detective job with the deal like Madan should save his friend who is suffering from cancer. Initially Mannar be honest and truthful to his boss Madan, but at certain point of time, he is made to tell lies to save his friend. There the game starts between Ambu, Mannar and Madan. Due to some personal/emotional reason Ambu fall in love with Mannar.

When Madan too comes to Europe, the love game becomes more interesting. The climax is all about whether Ambu joins with her fiancée Madan or lover Major Mannar? With interesting twist the movie comes to an end.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Kamal played the lead role, I don’t need to tell anything about kamal’s acting. As usual he acted well. Madhavan should thank kamal for giving such a wonderful role in this movie, he did simply the best and made us laugh right till the end. Trisha played the female lead. Wow its gr8 to see slim trisha acting and speaking tamil in her own voice. Sangeetha can be considered as the catalyst of this movie. She acted very well and special mention should be made regarding her slang.

Apart from these 4 gr8 people, 2 small kids, uruvasi and Ramesh Aravind did their job well.  Background score by Devi Sri Prasad was good, regarding songs hardly few numbers appeared on screen. Though its full and full kamal’s story and screenplay, K.S Ravikumar made the movie interesting and he made sure that the film didn’t lose its momentum at any point of time. Hats off to KSR.

General Analysis:

First half was perfect and the pre-interval scene was well placed. The second half too went on well till the climax. In the last 15 to 20 mins, all the people talk a lot and dialogues played a major role. So those who understand all those dialogues will enjoy the movie better. For rest of the people it’s just confusion. But still being a comical entertainer we just laugh and come out. We may understand the dialogues better when we see it second or third time.

On the whole MMA is a cool movie which can be seen with family during this Christmas/New year Holidays.

Note: Please try to watch this movie in a good theatre, since there is no voice dubbing in this movie, instead they used live recording technology.

Expected Days Of Successful Run:75 days

My Verdict: Hit

My Ratings:


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One Response to Manmadhan Ambu

  1. Sathish says:

    The above video is proof enough that there’s no originality in Kamal’s films ….

    Kamal is also just another actor who copies films without crediting the original writers…

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