For the past few years sasikumar proved himself as a good actor, director, and producer. Now sasikumar is back with direction after the blockbuster hit of the year 2008 named subramanipuram. So naturally the expectations were very high right from the day of launch. Does this movie up to the expectations made by the brand name sasikumar? certainly the answer is NO.

Story Analysis:

Chezhian(Vaibhav) a rich guy whose father is politician spend his life by drinking , roaming with friends flirting with gals etc., He meets Reshma in a pub and fall in love with her. As Reshma’s father is a rich business tycoon, he initially refuse her daughter getting married with chezhian. But after certain point of time, he agrees for the marriage. When everything goes on fine, all of a sudden an unknown person hit chezhian’s head. There end the first half.

Second half is about how the Assistant Commissioner of police sangiah( samuthurakani) find the reason behind the chezhian’s attack. As he proceeds with the investigation , he finds out the real reason regarding chezhian’s attack. The flashback goes like this, during college days chezhian and his friend rape a gal named poorni(Abiniya) . So poorni and his father commit suicide. As a part of revenge taking process, poorni’s younger brother(Easan) tries to kill both chezhian and his friend.

Climax is all about whether the younger brother of poorni kill chezhian  and his friend or the local politician kill Easan. With the usual action movie climax the movie comes to an end.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Vaibhav acted as a rich son did his role well and perfectly matched for that role. Debut actress Aparna over acted , I don’t how come sasikumar didn’t make her act properly. Abiniya played the role of fashion tech student, she acted easily as she is portrayed as deaf and dumb gal. Special applause should be given to samutharakani who did extremely well and carried the entire movie on his shoulder.

kathir’s camera work is worth mentioning. Regarding music and background score, I don’t think james vasanthan gave his best. None of the songs stay in our mind when leaving theatre. Special mention should be made about the guy who acted as easan in the second half. I don’t know the name of the guy who acted as local politician, but being fresher he acted very well. He has a bright future in tamil cinema.

General Analysis:

I personally felt like i was watching 2 different movies. Yep there is no correlation between first half and second half. The entire story lies in the second half, if that is the case whats the use of seeing first half?:-) First half is total waste of time. Director tried to show the other face of chennai city, well he should have showed in 2 scenes and moved on the story, I seriously don’t know what for sasikumar showed other face of chennai city in the entire first half which really tested the patience of the audience.

Second half is all about violence and censored dialogues. Seriously wonder what for director kept such a violent fight in the climax. That kind of violent is unwanted as well the rape scene not be focussed for such a long time.

In one word, I never expected this kind of masala movie from sasikumar who is one of the director well known for creativity. On the whole its a kind of movie which can be seen once if you are a die hard fan of sasikumar. Others please don’t expect one more subramaniapuram and enter theatre:-) Hope sasikumar come up with an interesting movie in the future.

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 25 Days

My Verdict: Above Average

My Rating:

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