Nandalala is one of the movie which I personally expected a lot, since myskin’s previous movies like anjatheay and chitiriram pesudhadi were super duper hits. With high hopes and expectations I entered the theatre, but after seeing the movie , I myself asked a question ” what for I saw this movie 🙂 ”

Story Analysis:

Akhilesh, an eighth standard school kid lives with his grandmother. His mother ran with another man because his father passed away early, so right from his child hood he grows along with his grand mother. At certain point of time, he decides to go and meet his mother, thus he start the journey towards the place where his mother resides.

On the other side, hero Basker Mani (Myskin) escapes from a mental asylum and travel towards the place where his mother resides. Fate makes Akhilesh and Basker Mani to travel together till the end.

On the way they find a road side prostitute(snigdha), she too joins them in the journey towards the search of their respective mother. The climax is all about whether akhilesh meet his mother? Basker Mani meet his mother? what happens to snigdha? With the answer to all these questions the movie comes to an end.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

This is myskin’s first movie, but still being a director he managed to perform well and I am sure no other hero will be ready to play such character. Special mention should be made about the small boy Aswanth Ram who did a tremendous job through out the movie. Snigdha proved that she can act too apart from dancing for an item song.

Illayaraja can be called as another hero of the movie, Bgm and songs stay in our heart when we leave the theatre. Cinematography by mahesh muthusamy added more advantage to the movie.

General Analysis:

First half was very lengthy with un wanted repeated scenes. They should have trimmed the first half, regarding the second half, the movie was short and sweet.  Over all it looks like remake of some other language movie. Myskin should have concentrated on the story and screenplay like his previous movies.

This movie is not an art movie as well as not a commercial movie. But this movie is definitely not for common audience who watch movies for time pass. Movie buff’s can see this movie at their own risk, other people kindly ignore this movie 🙂

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 25 Days

My Verdict: Above Average

My Ratings:

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