Once again Sundar C is back with direction and he played the lead role in this movie. This movie released with less expectations and less hype as well as less publicity. Will this movie sustain at box-office? Lets wait and see….

Story Analysis:

Selvam(Sundar C) live in a jail for 5 years and comes out of it, his ambition is to leave all kind of rowdyism and live peacefully as a normal human being.But fate won’t allow him to be so. That’s the one line story of this movie.

Inspector Sakarapandi and selvam are child hood friends, as selvam has the rowdy background, Inspector force selvam to get involved in his smuggling business. But selvam do all the work without knowing that he is doing illegal business which will lead him to problems in future.

At a certain point of time sakarapandi steal the drugs belonging to musilm dada,there the problem starts between the muslim dada and sakarapandi but selvam save his friend, but sakarapandi kill the muslim dada. So the muslim dada ppl try to kill sakarapandi and selvam.  In between selvam meet bharathi(anuya) a cinema group dancer and fall in love with her. Will selvam take revenge on his own friend and escape from muslim dada ppl and hold the hands of his lady love? the answer for all these questions form the climax which is very natural and heart touching.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Sundar C has given power packed performance, he didn’t over act or under-perform. He stayed cool and relax throughout the movie, in fact that is the biggest plus point in the movie. Anuya played the role of lady love. She looked sizzling in saree. But at the same time , she acted well too.

Vadivelu took care of the comedy, we don’t need to say anything about sundar c and vadivelu combination, so this movie too is not an exceptional. But still few comedies were so silly, Its high time sundar c and vadivelu change their usual comedy trend.

Being a thriller movie, music director Taman did a decent job. Regarding songs only one melody was good. I don’t know who is the cinematographer of this movie, but he did a gr8 job.

General Analysis:

Fitst half was too slow, but the second half was too fast and thrilling. On the whole nagaram is movie which can be seen once by everybody for the sake of few interesting comedies and tight packed second half and ofcourse bold and beautiful Anuya 🙂

Expected Days Of Successful Run: 30 Days

My Verdict: Above Average

My Ratings:

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