Endhiran is the first own production of sun pics. More over it has the tag line like,, India’s costly movie. India’s first Robotic movie etc.,,Almost all wood’s of India were eager to know whats so special about endhiran @ Robot which was released today all over the world. The movie had lot of hype and expectations right from the day movie was launched. But still sankar managed to full fill the expectations and made the entire India to look at South India. But as a normal movie viewer, this movie do have some flaws , which will be explained in the review.

Story Analysis:

Dr vasikaran(Rajni) who spend 10 years and discover a human Robo named Chitti. His whole intention is to make many human Robo and join them in Indian army. Chitti looks alike Vasikaran and it does all the human activities, though it doesn’t have any common sense like human beings.Sana, a medical college student who is the lady-love of vasikaran. When chitti is tested by the selection committee, they refuse to accept that as human robo saying a reason like , it’s just a machine and it doesn’t know the value of human life and it doesn’t know the human emotions. As the result, Dr vasikaran teach chitti about the importance of human life, emotions, and various related issue related with a human being and change chitti into a normal human being. There the problem starts, at a certain point of time, chitti falls in love with Sana. So Dr vasikaran dismantle the Chitti Robo and put it in dustbin. As usual the villain come and rescue the Chitti and program the chitti to destroy the human beings. But the same chitti kills the villain and move ahead in search of sana and kidnaps her. The remaining story is all about how Dr vasikaran save Sana and destroy the chitti Robo.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Rajni played the male lead, he acted well through out the movie. Special mention should be made about chitti Rajni’s acting. It was mind-blowing. Chitti as villain, that acting was too too good. Aishwarya Rai Played the female lead, She acted well and even at this age, she looked sizzling. Her costumes suited very well.  Santhanam and karunas will be happy that, they are part of Endhiran, apart from that, they didn’t have any scope to perform.

Rathiavelu’s cinematography was good. Anthony’s editing made the movie more sharp and clear. AR Rahman ‘s BGM was not up the mark in few places, and regarding songs kilimanjaro and kadhal aukal stood apart. But still choreography was not up to the mark. Sujatha’s dialogue was awesome, especially chitti’s one word answer in many places got huge applause from the audience. Sabu cyril’s art work looked very rich and pleasing in the big screen.

General Analysis:

First half was typical sankar movie with some songs and comedy, it was good and moved very fast. The problem started with the second half, many unwanted scene like mosquito catching scene, kalabhavan mani scene and improper placement of songs totally spoiled the first 40 mins of the second half. But still sankar managed to  give powerful performance in the last 40 mins.

Being sci-fi movie, many english terms were used, which can’t be understood by c class audience. More over it’s a sankar movie in which Rajni ACTED in it rather than making mere styles and uttering punch dialogues. Well done Rajni.

In all the Rajni movie, there will some scenes which will pull audience into theater for many times, such scenes are missing in this movie, i really don’t know why sankar missed to concentrate on screenplay and scenes rather than concentrating on computer graphics alone.

Finally huge applause to director shankar for coming up with a innovative movie which is new to India. All directors should see this movie and try to do at-least 10 % of what sankar does in his movies:-)

As usual in the climax sankar gives a social message and with some kind of emotional touch, the movie comes to an end.On the whole its a movie , which everyone should see and feel it. Do enter the theater by having mindset that you gonna watch sci-fi movie ,, not another shivaji or padayappa or badsha 🙂

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 75 Days

Verdict: Hit

My Ratings:

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5 Responses to Endhiran

  1. Manisha says:

    Complete news coverage on #Robot #Endhiran #Enthiran only on http://bit.ly/cqeLSp

  2. ne says:

    dude you got to be kidding .. the movie was pathetic..

  3. Arun says:

    Saw the film….and then read ur review…the movie is OK….the second part was a major drag…and the fight sequence at the last shd have been made crisper….anwyays..it wil be a hit…cos its totally diff film…rajini and aish have rocked the acting dept….

  4. raja says:

    wht abt stunt?

  5. Babu says:

    The movie was good and the industry is in the right direction rather than directing the same type of movie without any substance . Rajini’s acting as a robo was terrific and all the action scenes were excellent.

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