Boss Engira Baskaran

First of all congrats to the entire team for coming up with the cool movie of the year, SMS director has re-created the magic once again. And for Arya , this movie is gonna be another hit after the successful Madrasapatinam.

Story Analysis:

Boss @ Baskaran(Arya) a jobless guy who spend his life without doing any work. He spend most of his time with his friend nalla thambi(santhanam) who own’s a saloon shop. Life moves on until he meet chandirika( Nayanthara) . As usual he falls in love with her and goes behind her and impress her. Finally she too start loving her. Chandrika’s elder sister marry boss’s elder brother. At a point of time when boss propose to marry chandrika, their family ignore him as he don’t have any proper job. There ends the first half, second half is all about how boss start a new business along with his friend nalla thambi and earn money and finally marry his lover chandrika.

Cast and crew Analysis:

After seeing serious Arya in madrasapatinam, it’s really nice to see cool Arya who performed very well and lived as next door guy. He has proved that he can handle comedy very well. Nayanthara played the role of female lead. She did her part well but for her fans its little bit disappointment because she didn’t wear any kind of glamor dress throughout the movie 🙂 She has lost lot of weight,, so she look very old, hope she put up some more weight and look bubbly as she was before.

Santhanam can be mentioned as another hero of the movie, day by day he is improving a lot. His dialogues, one line punch, everything was perfect. He rocked in every frame along with arya. Yuvan’s background score was good,, but regarding songs,, other than couple of songs, none of the tunes stay in our mind when leaving theater. Yuvan should have concentrated more on songs. That would have added more value to the movie. Guest appearance by Jeeva in the climax was unexpected and much-needed in that place.

Finally the director of the movie Mr Rajesh directed the movie very well by knowing the audience pulse. SMS was hit and now BEB gonna be hit,, hope his next movie becomes hit, so that it will be hat trick hit for him. All the best Mr Rajesh.

General Analysis:

The first half as well as second half was good. The only non pleasing factor in the movie was the couple of bad songs placed in improper place. Other than that everything was ok. As Endiran is gonna release on sep 24th, this movie gonna rule the box office for 2 weeks. Finally this movie can be seen with the full family and laugh non stop for 3 hours.

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 75 days

My Verdict: Hit

My Ratings:

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6 Responses to Boss Engira Baskaran

  1. ne says:

    dude, make your reviews more exciting .. you know, with a dash of suspense 😉

  2. Sylvester barnabas says:

    Great movie..
    non-stop laughter…

  3. Rajiu says:

    Nanbaen da.. Awesome movie.. I loved everything abt the movie. except the fast track songs!!! Adhu manasulayae nikkala.. and Nayantra was like one sappai (Literally) figure.
    Should have put Thamu or Sammu(Rite ha?)

  4. natarajan says:

    First positive review i’m seeing in past few months from you.

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