Bale Pandia

Bale Pandia is the second movie acted by vanila kabadi kuzhu fame vishnu. His first movie was super hit, does the second movie released after 1 1/2 years live up to the expectations? Definitely the answer is NO.

Story Analysis:

Pandia(Vishnu) a sad guy considers himself as unlucky right from his child hood, whatever work he is involved, that will end up in failure. At a certain part of time, he get fed up and plan to kill himself, fate wont let him to suicide too. As the result he himself go and meet local rowdy AKP and ask that rowdy to kill him. But AKP feel pity on him and give 20 lacs rupees and ask pandia to spend that money as he wish and come back to him on 20th day. During the period of 20 days, he meet vaishnavi(pia) and fall in love with her,, and he suddenly change his mind to live the life with vaishnavi. So when pandia and vaishnavi go and meet AKP to tell their life plan , they see AKP and rowdy’s being killed by some other people and pandia become the eye-witness for that murder. At later stage due to some cold war between 2 politicians,, that rowdy who murder’s AKP, kidnaps Vaishnavi. The second half is all about how pandia finds that rowdy and save vaishnavi.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Vishu who played the full-fledged hero role, did his part well, and he looked cool and relaxed in the entire movie. Female lead played by pia bajpai , looked so cute and bubbly and she did her part well. Her costumes suited her very well. Comedy track played by vivek, I would say,, vivek is back to form. He really brought the roof down by his timing dialogues and body language as London return.

Devan’s music was ok, first song and happy happy song was good, apart from that none of the songs stay in our ming. Background score was ok. Siddharth Chandrasekhar is the captain of the ship, though its his first venture, He tried his level best to give a comedy flick with commercial elements,, but he failed.

General Analysis:

First half was perfect with fast screenplay, songs and vivek comedy. But the second half was exactly opposite to the second half. Especially the first 45 mins after interval was crap and don’t know what director had in his mind when writing the script of the second half. The movie totally lost the plot towards the end.

Special mention should be mentioned about the happy happy song, in which 20 singers were asked to dance. Over all its a movie which can be seen once for the sake of innovative idea’s used in the movie, vivek comedy, cute little pia and happy happy song.

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 20 Days

My Verdict : Below Average

My Ratings:

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