Gopinath @ Kapi-nath

2 ways to become popular, do things that makes you popular, or comment wildly on someone who is already popular. think ppl seem to prefer the second option.

Well, I am talking about the gr8 Gopinath( The man who compere vijay tv’s neeya naana program)

Last sunday, the above shown video was aired in Vijay tv Neeya Naana program. And rite now its one of the famous video all over the world. Though I am not vijay fan, when seeing this video i was shocked due to various reasons.

Neeya Naana program is a program in which people speak their personal life experience or other incidents in which they are related with. No one has rights to speak about others or comment on others in such sensitive programs, If this is the case, i really wonder what for they spoke about vijay in this program.

Regarding the Issue:

vijay being senior most actor,, he should not be criticized in a public program like this,if they want to convey this message to actor vijay, then they should recored that speech and send that video personally to him.

Summa naal lam thy used to give beep sound when they want to censor something,,,they should have done that instead of disclosing the name,,, thy didn’t do that too..

If vijay act in same type of movies,, there are producers to produce such movies and fans to see such movies,, who is gopinath and that lady to talk about vijay????? what do they know about film making?

on the other side,, the content which the gal spoke might be 100 % correct,, but this is not the correct place to speak about other persons directly,, initially the gal spoke in general,, it was gopinath who made that gal to utter vijay’s name and make her advice…

And about Gopinath:

kai la oru mike and channel kidacha,, it doesn’t mean anyone can speak anything,,,if Gopinath have real guts, he should have made that advice instead of making that gal to advice vijay…. Gopinath should remember one thing,, he is yet another video jockey of another channel,, that doesn’t mean he can speak whatever he wish and gain popularity …

Again the same Gopinath made Surya to blaber something in neeya naana program related with education,, that made Income tax dept to go to surya’s home for Income tax ride.

Relationship between Vijay and Vijay Tv

3 years ago,, few people in Lollu Sabha mocked Pokiri to the extent,, when the program was running in tv channel,, they created some problem and stopped the program in between. Then vijat tv apologized to vijay and his father for that incident. Rite from that day the cold war started between vijay and vijay tv.

Few months later in vijay awards, thy gave award for vijay as next super star,,, adhukum dr vijay poi sirichikitea award vangunar… Vijay didn’t take anything serious and ignore vijay tv.

In the recent vijay awards 2010, they invited vijay, he too attended that program, but they didn’t even care to show vijay atleast for few seconds,, in the entire program surya and other actress was focussed. Is this the way of respecting senior actors?????

Vijay Tv Heading Towards???

When there are crap channels like sun tv, jaya tv etc,,, vijay tv had a name like , it’s un biased to any government or political party. But it looks like they too started attacking persons directly.

Few years ago, there was program named madhan’s thirai parvai and in that program even madhan won’t attack any celebrities to this extent. And coffee with anu,, rite now episode 2 is currently running i think,, even in that program, in order to gain popularity, they ask some stupid questions to celebrity.

Hope vijay tv, stop all these non-sense way of getting publicity . They should think some thing innovative and come up with good programs and maintain the good name.

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