Moscowin kavery

First of all i really regret for watching this movie in theater last night. It was such a bad movie, don’t know what for they released this movie after waiting for 2 full years. Ok fine, i am writing this review only to save the other people from watching this worst movie.

Story Analysis:

Moscow and kavery belonging to rural village, study in chennai and after studies they work for an IT company. Though they work in the same company, they didn’t get a chance to see each other. As usual one fine day, our hero see the heroine and fall in love with her. Then he goes behind her and correct her and finally they start loving each other. TO be different from other lovers, they buy a house and start living together before the marriage( Living together concept). All of a sudden they go to hyderabad as a part of their office assignment. There the problem starts, opinion differs between, ego clash, silly fights. All these incidents make them to take decision to break up their relationship. When they come back to chennai, a local rowdy named alagan stays inside that new house bought by the lovers, in order to hide from the police. The climax is all about whether both lovers join together, how the police catch the rowdy.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Rahul made his debut in this movie,, i don’t think he will have a bright future.Better he can quit cinema and do some other work. His acting was very artificial and in many emotional scenes he made the audience laugh. Samantha played the female lead, though this is her 3 rd movie, in the title card they mention this is the first movie for samantha. She looked cute and fresh in corporate formals. Her dubbing voice didn’t suit her at all.

santhanam took care of the comedy,, is it???:-) a big question mark,, i really wonder what for santhanam acted in this movie. I can say,, this the worst comedy track ever acted by santhanam in tamil cinema. The one and only pleasing factor of this movie, is taman’s music and back ground score. But gore gore song was not used in the movie, it was played in the background:-(

General Analysis:

The show started at 10.45 pm, at 11.30 pm we had interval and at 12.30 am, the movie was over and we were asked to get out of the theater, It was such a small movie without any story screenplay etc., etc.,

Mr Ravi varman is an excellent cinematographer, don’t know what for he tried his hand in directing a movie. Better he don’t take any kind of risk in the future. Special appearence by saravana subbiah (citizen movie director) and director seeman didn’t add any additional value to the movie.

On the whole its the worst movie ever seen in tamil cinema. Kindly stay away from it. But do watch gore gore song in some Tv channels or Internet.

Expected No Of Days Of successful Run: 7 Days

My Verdict: Flop

My Ratings:

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2 Responses to Moscowin kavery

  1. Sathish says:

    This is my visit to ur blog ,i remember asking u about IIPM some years back bot lost contact thereafter…

    anyways gr8 blog u have here ,being a movie freak myself ,ur blog’s a great for movie info ,jus read some of ur other reviews too 🙂

    i have subscribed to ur feed & will be visiting often ,ur reviews & ratings are unbiased which helps too 🙂

    my blog is also about movies ,will be glad if u cud drop by & leave ur comments 🙂

    Oh about this movie ,thanks for the warning 🙂

    keep blogging
    cheers !!!

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