Inidhu Inidhu

Being  a remake of Telugu flick and college based story, its difficult to write a review in my usual format:-)

This movie is all about 4 Guys and 4 girls who study in the same college. Their friendship, love, silly fights between them form the crux of the movie. To put it in one word, it shows the complete journey of college students during the course of study inside the campus.

Being a remake, they just took xerox copy of the original version(Happy Days). That might be reason , this movie had lot of Telugu smell in it.

Though many people acted in the movie, sonia who played the role of college senior did really well and she stood apart from others. Special mention should be made about the vimal(comical guy) as well as narayanan(padips) who provoked laughter in the entire movie.

In the original version Tammana and kamalini Mukerji  played a vital role, if they were retained in the tamil version, the movie would have been much better and got more star value. The gal who played tammu’s role didn’t act well.

Songs were the biggest drawback, it sounded like Telugu songs with tamil wordings in between. Though k.v guhan( Director ) didn’t try anything new, he didn’t spoil the essence of the original version.

Second half was very lengthy when compared to the first half, that made the audience to yawn inside the theater during the second half. The director should have kept the interval point as the place where sidhu and madhu break up.

On the whole this movie can be seen definitely once without fail. If you have already seen happy days, then its waste time to see this movie. Telugu version was much much better.

Expected No Of Days Of Succesful Run: 25 Days

My Verdict: Above Average

My Ratings:

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3 Responses to Inidhu Inidhu

  1. Sathish says:

    Going by ur review I better stick with the telugu version 🙂

  2. Sathish Rajamani says:

    The Movie was shot in my College VIT Vellore… Any comments on the picturisation ?

    • vanniaperumal s says:

      hello sir,, the college campus was gr8,, and it was like 5 star hotel,, don’t how u studied there for 4 years 🙂 such a gr8 campus with lot of facilities!.. that campus really added beauty to the movie,, the movie was so colorful ,,,

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