Naan Mahan Alla

Naan Mahan Alla(NMA) is the movie released with less publicity so the expectations will be very less. Does is it live up to mark?? Definitely the answer is NO because, this is not a kind of movie expected from the maker of vanila kabadi kuzhu. I personally expected more from susiendharan who did a gr8 job in his maiden venture.

Story Analysis:

Jeeva(Karthi) a happy going guy who live with his friends and spend his time without doing any kind of work, as usual he see priya(Kajal) in a function and fall in love with her at the first sight. Jeeva’s father drives call taxi. On the other side, 6 college guys who are drug addict’s , rape a gal and kill her, and jeeva’s father become one of the eye witness for the murder. So the 6 guys try to kill jeeva’s father. As per their plan they kill him. Then jeeva become angry and kill that 6 guys and bury them. There the movie ends.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

karthi did reasonably well, but this is not the best performance till date. In the first half he tried out some comedy and for a change he tried to play as a bubbly guy who smiles for everything. kajal played the female lead, though she didn’t have any scope to perform, she did her part well, and as usual she looked so cute.

6 college guys looked so natural and performed very well. Yuvan’s music and background score added more value to the movie. Cinematography done by madhi, he captured the entire movie in a natural way, especially the second half climax fight was well shot.

General Analysis:

First half was good with some songs and comedy , but the second half was ok, lot of scenes were predictable. There was no proper content in the movie. Screenplay was very slow and ordinary. The director should have made the second half bit racy. All of a sudden kajal disappeared in the second half. Don’t know where she went 🙂 Violent played a major role in the second half, dont know what for they used WWF stunts in the climax fight.

There was no link between first half and the second half. It was like seeing 2 movies 🙂 First half looked like comedy movie, second half looked like action movie. On the whole its a movie which can be seen once for the sake of karthi and kajal. But other than that, nothing is special or great in this movie.

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 25 Days

My Verdict: Above Average

My Ratings:

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3 Responses to Naan Mahan Alla

  1. Sathish says:

    After all the over ratings this film received ,urs was by far the best review for this movie i have come across …

    I concur with ur on the 1st half & second half ,didnt expect such screenplay from Suseendran of Vennile Kabadi Kuzhu fame 😦

    The youngsters surely were a gr8 find but their violent methods are surely hard to digest ,definitely not suited for family audience …

    anyways its much better than the recent crap movies off late 🙂
    nice review

    keep em comin
    cheers !!!

  2. dinesh says:

    best review!

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