After  the successful one and only singam, sun pics is back with thillanlangadi , which is none other than remake of telegu movie named  Kick starring ravi teja and illeana which was a huge hit in 2009. But when remaking a movie, certain things should be kept in mind like, will a telegu based story workout with tamil audience? Is the sense of humor level remains the same in both tollywood and kollywood ? Like this so many question arises.

Story Analysis:

Krishna kumar(Jeyam ravi) a well educated guy, who prefers some kind of Kick(Excitement) in whatever work he does, as the result , he change his job every month. He come across Nisha(Tamanna) and as usual fall in love with her. Being a comical guy initially Nisha hate Krishna, but as days pass on she too fall in love with Krishna, all of a sudden when proposing to him she finds him ir-responsible without any proper job, So she leaves him and go to Malasiya. On the other side another Krishna kumar(shyam) , a strict police officer involved in a thief case who rob money from many people. To be more specific the thief happened to be none other than Jeyam ravi. In order to rob money in Malasiya, he gives intimation to police officer and leaves to Malasiya, and as usual police officer too land up in Malasyia to catch the thief, the remaining story is all about whether the police catch the thief and what happened to Krishna kumar and nisha’s love.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Jeyam ravi as comical guy, did well. But for the people who have already seen the telegu version,it will be like jeyam ravi imitating ravi teja right from the starting to the end. Especially that funny walk doesn’t suit jeyam Ravi. Over all his performance was good. Tamanna didn’t act herself, I think she too saw the telegu version dvd so many times and tried to imitate illena right from the intro scene , hair style, costumes etc.. etc..  Definitely tamanna didn’t deliver her best in this movie.  Vadivelu’s comedy track worked out well , to be more specific, vadivelu dancing with tamanna for nenja nenja song was too good. shyam played the role of police office, and he did well. I think he can start acting in character oriented role instead of playing me too hero roles 🙂

Supporting characters played by prabhu, suhasini, mano bala, radha ravi is worth mentionable. I think yuvan totally lost his phase in this movie, none of the songs remains in our mind when leaving the theater and back ground score too resembled manmadhan BGM. And regarding director Raja, he is expert in taking Xerox copy of other language movies, as usual did his job well by copying each and every scene as it was in the original version.

General Analysis:

First half was ok with some good comedy and fast screenplay. But in the second half, the movie lost its tempo and started crawling, towards the end, in order to finish the movie, they placed some flashback scenes and showed the thief as robin hood, which we have seen in many movies. Climax was funny and logic less.

I think remake brothers tried their level best to come-up with another block buster movie, but to be frank, this movie will be just another above-average hit. On the whole, it’s a kind of movie which can be seen once and enjoy the funny ride. In case if you have already seen telegu kick, then just see the movie without making comparison between tamanna Vs illeana and Ravi teja Vs jeyam Ravi.

Note: All tamanna fans don’t miss her introduction scene, do enter into theaters fast and watch that scene and enjoy 🙂 But illeana’s introduction scene was more kick than tamanna’s introduction scene:-)

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run:5o Days

My Verdict: Above Average

My Rating:

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5 Responses to Thillanlangadi

  1. Ganesh says:

    Rediff gave poor review for this movie and Ravi performance is pathetic, you give this as above average???

  2. Dei, everybody is telling that movie is worst from Jeyam brothers. Think since it is tammu movie, you gave verdict as “Above Average”.

  3. jumba johor raja says:

    Please watch this movie with loved ones! best movie in recent times. fantabulous. message great! but onli people who can think will understand te message conveyed. others will find no point in the movie, as w/o the message, movie is a comedy piece (which is still watchable though). in short: comedy grt, crux of story is most meaningful in recent times, talkign abt something that every one can do – making others happy, and living for loved ones. so, watch this movie with loved ones!

  4. Sathish says:

    Am shocked by ur ratings :O
    Above average for this movie ,Telugu Kick pathurkingala ?????
    if you have seen the telugu version then i doubt u’ll have second opinions…
    Ravi Teja’s attitude & mannerisms was the major asset there but here they have just merely tried to imitate it & have failed miserably…

    @jumba johor raja
    “onli people who can think will understand te message conveyed”
    oh apidingala ,first ask Mr.Raja to think of his own & direct original films instead of killing the original films in the name of remakes…

    There are many decent movies off late to watch with loved ones rather than watching a scene by scene remake of a film where the director even retains the same costumes & camera angles used in the original film ????

  5. rajesh says:

    Worst movie ever with corny dialogues. The characters are all irritating and gets on one’s nerves. Jeyam Ravi has proved that he can act and Tamanna is nothing but a glam doll. I had a king sized headache after watching this

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