First of all, hats off to Director vijay for thinking something out of the box and come up with a movie which is not usual commercial tamil cinema. These type of movies should be encouraged, so that tamil cinema industry will be healthy.

Story Analysis:

The entire story happens in 1947, during the year India was under british people control. Paruthi(Arya) a washer man cum wrestling man lives in madrasapatinam along with a group of Innocent people who gets scared for everything. British people wish to develop that washer man’s area in to a golf court, as the result they ask all the innocent dobi’s to relocate themselves into another place. There the problem starts between British people and innocent dobi’s. On the other side British parliment governor’s daughter Amy wilkinson( Amy jackson) makes a visit to india, as usual she meet paruthi and falls in love at first sight. Due to all these issues, British people try to encounter paruthi at any cause. But wilkinson saves paruthi from british people. on the other side they show the current chennai and an old lady who is none other than wilkinson who comes to India to search paruthi. With interesting twist and turns she finds out paruthi. With an emotional touch the movie comes to an end.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Arya as washer man, he acted well and definitely this movie is one of his master piece. He carried the entire movie on his shoulder right from the beginning till the climax. Actress Amy jackson being a foreign lady, she acted very well. I think many of our kollywood actress should see her acting and expression. And more over she suited for the role very well and looked so cute.

Supporting characters played by cochin hanefa, nazar etc did their part well. Music by G.V prakash was good, especially bgm was too good. Cinematography by nirav shah,, as usual he rocked in every frame.

General Analysis:

The movie was very lengthy, especially first half was around 90 mins and second half was more lengthy than first half. But still A class audience wont feel tough to see the lengthy movie. I dont think in B class and C class , people wont have patience to see the movie. This movie had some traces of laggan and titanic. But still director convinced with his script.

Special applause should be given to director vijay for his superb screenplay,especially shifting from past madras to present chennai with relevant scenes. It was like watching hollywood romance movie.

Over all its a decent attempt in tamil cinema. people who love masala movies and vijay fans kindly avoid this movie.

Expected No of Days of Successful Run:50 days

Verdict:Above Average

My Ratings:

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2 Responses to Madrasapattinam

  1. Raji says:

    First of Congrats on the engagement..

    Secondly, Thanks for the review. was planning to see it this weekend but couldnt find a good place to see here in AUH. Now, will go to Dubai to see this movie..

    I will see the movie and then contradict or appreciate your review.. LOL 😛

  2. sai says:

    i dint like it much….the costumes ,lighting n back ground had traces of lagaan n the story line frm titanic…jus a bad copy…..i think…..

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