Raavanan is one of the most expected movie of this decade because it’s directed by great legend Mani Rathinam. Its almost 3 years raavanan was under production. But when seeing the final product, does it satisfy all the expectations???  I would say raavanan satisfied 60% of the expectations and the remaining 40% is a big question mark.

Story Analysis:

Veera (Vikram), the king maker of a forest, most of the people like him very much, at the same time few people hate him to the core. Dev (Pritivi Raj), a police officer who is keen in killing/encounter veera. During an encounter, veera’s sister vanilla(Priya Mani) gets raped by police officers. So veera become angry and kidnap dev’s wife Ragini (Aishwarya Rai) as a part of tit for tat process. The remaining story is all about the war between dev, veera and ragini inside the forest. And the movie ends with trade mark mani rathinam climax.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Vikram played the role of rough village guy, he did well, but performance wise, I won’t say it’s his best because he performed much better in pithamagan and sethu. Aishwarya Rai played the role of an innocent wife, she did her part well and at times her makeup showed her original age. Other artist’s like prabhu, karthick , viyapuri did their part well. Though priyamani appeared in few scenes, she made an impact in the movie.

AR. Rehman is the backbone of this movie, because ARR’s background score and couple of songs were too good. Cinematographer’s manikandan and santhosh sivan can be mentioned as the real hero’s of the movie, they captured every scene very sensibly.  Clear cut editing by sekar Prasad was good and it reduced the length of the scenes.

General Analysis:

First half was dead slow, to be more specific there was no interesting scenes in the first half. But the entire story was revealed in the second half with some twist and turns. And towards the end, I mean the last 20 mins, it was lovely to watch, especially the mani rathinam’s trademark climax was good.

Inspite of all these things, something seem to be missing in this movie, may be the story was very simple with an ordinary screen play. Definitely this movie is not a masterpiece of Mani Rathinam/Vikram/ARR/Aishwarya Rai.

Over all it’s a good movie which can be seen surely for one time. And Masala movie lovers kindly stay away from this movie.

Expected No Of days Of Successful Run: 50 Days

My verdict: Above Average

My Ratings:

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2 Responses to Raavanan

  1. Yoganath A says:

    The story line seems to be like Veerapan in Sathyamangalam da. I didn’t see the film. but i guess the veerapan story also like this as well he kidnap only VIPs not other people even he is not threat to public.

  2. Santhosh says:

    Hi vanni,

    I would say, Raavanan’ background score n screenplay would take the movie in top list of 2010.nothing special in story, but cinematography is really excellent.Every drizzling forest, early morning Fog, darkness of the forest was thrilling in the movie. they must have used karthik to an extent more.His performance was not well lit here.

    waiting for Enthiran’s comments soon…

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