Singam is surya’s 25th movie, it’s released by sun pictures which released ayan during last summer and it was runaway hit. Can this pair deliver one more hit on the row? The answer is partially yes.

Story Analysis:

Surya(Durai Singam) a charming guy who wish to take care of his father’s grocery shop and settle in a small town near Tuticorin. But his father wants him become a police officer and serve the people of that town, as the result to make his father happy, durai singam become police officer in the same town. On the other side, Prakash Raj (Mayil vaganan) and his gang have the control of full Chennai and they involve in all kind of illegal activities. Due to some reason mayil vaganan visits the police station of durai singam, there the problem starts between them. Being a local don, mayil vaganan uses his power and transfer durai singam from that town to chennai police station, there ends first half. The second half is the usual cat and mouse game which we used to see in all movies.

Oh I forgot to mention about the actress of the movie, its anuskha(kavya) who come the town for vacation and falls in love with durai singam at first sight , as the result she has to come in between here and there and dance with the hero.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Surya’s performance was powerful and he carried the entire movie on his shoulders, his body language and physique was great and looked like a real police officer. Anuskha played the role of lady love, as usual she sizzled in all the songs by wearing glamorous costumes, but in other places, her make-up was not good and costume selection was bad. Such a fair gal wearing light color dress  doesn’t make any sense. This is the first tamil movie in which she appears in many scenes other than songs.

Mr Devi sri Prasad, the real spoiler of the movie. Songs were not up to the mark and back ground score was worst. Don’t know how many more years he gonna rehash his own tunes. The first song resembled like villu’s intro song and kadhal vandhala song resembled tirupachi’s kattu kattu keera kattu.

Priyan’s camera work  was good, I think he might have felt very tough to use his camera technique to show surya taller than anuskha, in many places he succeeded but in few places he couldn’t hide the truth from audience, especially in all the songs, we can see very clearly that anuskha is very tall than surya. Editing was clear and crispy. Supporting character roles played by nazzer, radha ravi, and vijay kumar is worth mentioning, all the three acted very well. Vivek played the role of comedy police( erimalai etu ), in few places comedy was good and in rest of the places it was bad and mere waste of time.

General Analysis:

First half was slow and steady with some good comedy and interesting scenes. Second half was good but few scenes were unwanted. Chemistry between surya and anuskha doesn’t look lively/real. Anuskha was like surya’s elder cousin sister. She looked very mature when standing near surya. To avoid this problem, hari should have showed anuskha as 2 years elder than surya like vtv. How many times she will bend herself and dance near surya?  Seriously all hero’s who are short and thin gonna have a tough time when acting with gigantic anuskha.

Hari the famous commercial movie director, has re shoot many scenes from his previous ventures and added in many places, that looked little odd, how many more days you gonna make sumo fly or make the hero to speak non stop punch dialogues? Kindly avoid all your trade mark scenes in the future projects.

On the whole singam is a movie which can be seen definitely once and its worth for the money we spend to buy ticket. Sun pictures should have released this movie instead of sura in the month of april. But singam can make all the theater owners happy who released sura in the month of april.

Expected No Days Of Successful Run: 75 days

My verdict: Hit

Bottom Line: Singam, the real savior for sun pictures after the huge loss made by sura.

My Ratings:

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3 Responses to Singam

  1. Senthil says:

    “Such a fair gal wearing light color dress doesn’t make any sense”??? hw mean?? in paiyaa tamana wore white dress (lite color) she is also fair gal.. i dono why fair gal not to wear lite color dress.. i think u looks really pretty in this movie.
    “kadhal vandhala song resembled tirupachi’s kattu kattu keera kattu”??? dude this song resembles like vaada mapla 4m villu 🙂
    1st ten min even if felt like watching sura… then it was awesome man

    • vanniaperumal s says:

      see white is common color,, yaru pottalum nalla irukum,, but light colors like rose pink etc,, dark gals iku than suit agaum,, in the same paiyaa,, color like orange voilet etc suited tamanna well 🙂 regarding tht song,, vada mappilai came from kattu kattu keera kattu,, now,, kadhal vandhal came from vada mappailai,, so the source can be mentioned as both songs,, especially that female voice remembles tirupachi song than,, next time when u listen try to locate the tirupachi tune 🙂

  2. kamesh says:

    the film is not so nice. it had not fullfiled our expectations . there were many umwanted sceens in the film that can b planed wel. anushka seems to b a sister for surya.over waste mass sceens were given to surya throughout the film.the film can b taken in much more natural manner.the film singam is not that much eligible to b released in this month against sura. sura is very much good than singam with colorful songs andaction sceens………..the film run for 75 days because of sun pictures and for his good time.

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