Story Analysis:

5 friends who lost their parents/away from parents live together right from their childhood. They live in a platform and lead a happy life by boozing and smoking. Though they are kind at heart, they do illegal activities at times to earn money. Without doing anything all the 5 get into problem with the villain gang. Villain group tries to kill all the 5. But unfortunately they kill an innocent guy, so the remaining 4 friends become angry and try to kill the villain gang. The remaining story is all about what happened to the other 4 guys, whether they kill the villain gang or not? what happened to them when they decide to change themselves and live as human being? the climax gives answer for all these questions. And the movie ends with a positive message like ” Each and every parents should take care of their child and have an eye on their child’s day to day activities”

Cast & Crew Analysis:

All the 5 guys looked fresh and acted well, they didn’t look like new comers. Elaravasu played the role of responsible father. Comedian mayilsami, tried to play a serious character, and he did well. Actor vijay’s cousin vikranth played the role of rowdy gang leader, he acted well expect the climax crying scene. No clue about who is the music director for this movie, though back ground score was good, songs were bad.

General Analysis:

This movie has lot of traces of block buster hits like nadodigal and subramaniapuram. First half was good with some twists and turns, but the second half was exactly opposite to the first half. 2nd half was full of murder, emotions, accidents etc., At times it was like sitting in death ceremony. Director should have concentrated on the second half and as well as story line. The story line is very much familiar to tamil cinema audience.I don’t think, a movie with a theme like this need 2 item songs.

How many more days you ppl(director) gonna say, person who take weapon in hands will die one day because of the same weapon?????

On the whole it’s a decent attempt by the director rasumaduraven. Worth watching once in cd/dvd/online.

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run:25 days

Verdict: Below Average

My Ratings:

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