Sura is the first vijay movie which released without any hype/expectations. But still, inspite of huge promotion done by sun pictures, the movie lags very much. Just imagine, what would have happened if the producer himself release the movie directly without help of sun pictures??? The answer is very simple, it might be out of theaters in less than a week.

Story Analysis:

In the recent years, none of the vijay movies will have a story, the same holds true in the case of sura too. Sura(vijay) a fisherman who lives with 100’s of people in yaazh nagar located near sea shore. All the people see him as their leader and take any decision by consulting him. Villan Dev gill plans to build a theme park in the place where sura & co live, so he tries to shift all the people from that sea shore area to some other area. But sura interferes and advice the people to stay back in the same yaazh nagar. There the problem starts between hero and villain. As usual the remaining story is about how hero tackles all problem and kill the villain. I mean the same cat & mouse game which we have seen in ‘n’ number of movies in tamil cinema.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Vijay played the lead role, his character is similar to his previous movies, so i don’t need to explain it. But special mention should be made regarding his dance in naan nadandhal song, his dance was awesome. Tamannah played the role of lady love, as usual she appears for songs, little bit over make-up and over acting. Costume selection for tamannah was not that good, but she danced well along with vijay.

There are ‘n’ number of villains and i can’t name all of them, but dev gill’s character was not portrayed properly, looked like over acting. Vadivelu, the real Saviour of the movie, his combo with vijay was ok but not as good as pokiri but its 1000 times better than villu comedy track.

Cinematographer Eghabaram didn’t do well, lot of irritating close up shots and screen color tone was very dull, he could have done better. Music by mani sharma was ok, bommaiyee and naan nadandhal song was good, regarding background score it was similar to telegu billa’s bgm. I don’t know who is the editor of this movie, he should have trimmed lot of scenes in many places and made the movie racy.

Captain of the ship, S.P Rajkumar should have concentrated on the story rather than thinking about where to place fight, songs, how to show vijay in the opening scene etc… he failed miserably and he also missed a chance of delivering a block buster movie by having gr8 combo like vijay and tamannah.

General Analysis:

First half was very slow,but it was like seeing sun tv news. i would rather say, vadivelu saved the movie in first half. But in second half, I didn’t understand what was happening, it was very very worst along with sluggish screenplay. Other than vadivelu and vijay’s dance, nothing is worth mentioning in this movie. And towards the end, especially the last 15 mins, really tested the patience of all the audience. The climax was very weak and looked so silly.

Major Highlights Of the Movie:

  • Intro of vijay was chance less,the full theater laughed instead of shouting and whistling. Only vijay can come out of water and fly in air for few seconds.
  • As usual many long jumps high jumps, for a change vijay have tried diving too, I think vijay is one of the potential candidate to participate in Indian Olympics.
  • Tamannah is fair, and its universal truth, in order to show vijay as a fair guy when standing near tamannah, they applied so much of powder on vijay’s face,but i think they forgot to put make up for vijay’s hands,, so face was in one color and rest of the body parts in one color.
  • In all the recent movies, vijay used to try a new get up, in pokiri it was imsai arasan 23 am pulikesi then in villu he tried out bharathiar get up etc..etc.. In sura he tried out avatar singh get up.. i mean the scene in which he comes as customs officer. That getup was very funny.
  • Only Vijay can attack the enemies using sivakasi rocket. Even by seeing it, enemies get scared and run away.
  • Just because of vijay buying 5 rupees pen from a blind person, tamannah falls in love at that moment. The love chemistry between tamannah and vijay is zero.

On the whole, it’s a movie which can be avoided if you hate to watch masala movie. But a visual treat for all vijay fans, so don’t miss it. Anti vijay fans do see it and laugh to the core for 3 hours.

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 20 Days

My Verdict: Flop

Bottom Line: Ayya Vijay please change your track or else quit from tamil cinema.

My Ratings:

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10 Responses to SURA

  1. Raji says:

    Super duper review!! khallas.. Nothing more to say.. here also nobody is watching that stupid movie

  2. sai says:

    bite my a**…….

    • vanniaperumal s says:

      no bad words thambi,,,, 😉 hope u saw the movie,, and touch u r heart and tell me 🙂

  3. Arun says:

    mcah…good review….heard from all corners that movie is toooooo bad…..will have to see it soon…..

  4. Deena says:

    Looks like a pakka ajith fans reveiw though 😉 I knew the film would be a flop and I m sure all of next vijay’s films will be flops. Should go and watch the fun before it is out of the theatres

  5. Senthil says:

    dai vadivelu comedy is mokka da worst than villu .. i dono y u said first half is ok.. ne way nice review 🙂

    • vanniaperumal s says:

      villu vadivelu comedy is mokka da,, especially tht cow comedy,, plus mokka comedy 🙂 when compared to it,, in sura its ok 🙂

  6. jmvijayan says:

    deena not ajith fans review its a fact.
    nice review
    waste of watching this type of movies

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