Paiyaa is the first summer release, which had huge expectations due to promotion and good looking stills of tamanna. But the end product doesn’t look promising as expected. In the trailer, they used to mention Paiyaa as from the makers of run, sandakozhi,,, but to be frank, paiyaa can’t be compared with such blockbuster movies.

Story Analysis:

Karthi(Siva) an engineer by profession, search for a job,during that process he end up landing in Mumbai and get into trouble with Mumbai dada(Miliand Soman). Tamanna (Charu) is an innocent gal, due to some family trouble, she run out of her home and search for a job in bangalore, as usual villains follow her to bring her back to home.Siva falls in love with charu at first sight. At certain point, he also gets a chance to take charu to mumbai and drop charu in her grandmother’s home. During the journey, siva’s love strengthens but he wont get a chance to propose her. As usual both Mumbai gang and the andhra gang land up in Mumbai. The climax is all about how siva save himself as well as charu from the gang & how Siva and Charu join together.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

This is karthi’s first commercial film, so at times when he speak some serious dialogues, the audience starts laughing. He still have the hangover of 1000 thil oruvan movie. But still, he did his part well. He should improve a lot in dancing and concentrate more on his costumes.Tamanna looked ravishing and cute. She has improved a lot in acting. Special mention should be made about the costumes of tamanna, It really suited her well and color tone of her dress was perfect.

Miliand Soman looked dangerous but didn’t impress us in anyway. Apart from him,, there was ‘n’ of villains and all looked alike with huge body and long hair, it was irritating to see them.

Yuvan was the biggest plus for this movie, all songs were catchy, and he rocked in back ground music, everything was perfect. Editing by anthony was good. Cinematography by madhi was worth mentioning. I don’t know the stunt master name, but few stunts looked good and as usual some superman stunts were there.

General Analysis:

I think Lingusamy can’t come out from the effect of making run/sandakozhi. In the same fashion, there was fight before interval and fight in climax.First half was good with some timing comedies and songs, But the second half was not up the mark. Towards the end, the speed of the screenplay was very slow.

Inspite of having 4 choreographer’s for the movie, all the visuals for songs were not up to the mark, to put in one word, all songs were wasted on screen. They should have done justice to yuvan’s music. karthi should join in some dance school and learn to dance soon, he cant lift his legs and hands and go round the actress in forth coming movies.

Over all it’s a movie which can be seen once for the sake of yuvan’s music, tamanna and of course karthi. Apart from it, this movie has got nothing gr8 which is worth mentioning. But tamanna fans don’t ever miss this movie.

Expected Days Of Successful Run: 30 Days

My Verdict: Above Average

Bottom Line: Tamanna fans don’t ever miss this movie and especially addada mazhai song !..

My Ratings:

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4 Responses to Paiyaa

  1. _dain says:

    Good review. Thought the way you described it was actually the exact way I thought. Can’t rub against the grain here.

  2. Yoganath A says:

    Director should update to next level.

    Both Hero and Heroine matches well in their rolls.

    Tamanna looks good

  3. Ganesh says:

    This movie is good entertaining one, it is for people who want to just laugh and enjoy the moment. I enjoyed watching this movie, for your information there is no serious dialogues in this movie

  4. Raji says:

    Hey looks like an one sided affair to me.. just becoz you like tamanna doesnt mean you can say she acted well.. its was not so good.. btw, its too one sided and karthi is doing a pretty good job for his third movie dont you think??

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