Mundhinam Paartheney

Story Analysis:

Sanjay is a guy who works for an IT company, he opens up his mind and speak about the gals whom he have met in his life. Story is all about the three gals whom interfered in Sanjay’s life. First gal is pooja,, sanjay tries very hard to impress and correct her. That relationship doesn’t last forever,, all of a sudden pooja marries NRI guy and leave to USA. Second gal is arthy, dance master by profession. Again sanjay falls in love on her at first sight & correct her by using his tricks. That relationship too doesn’t last for ever due to some reason. Third gal is Anu,, its none other his project mate in the company where he works. The remaining story is about how sanjay and anu join together and marry each other.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Sanjay being a newcomer, did reasonably well, yet he need to improve in acting. There are three actress in the movie namely pooja, ekta, and lizna. All looked alike,, none acted well. They were showcased as a doll. Serial actor sai prasanth did well, especially few comedy tracks were good. Music by  taman is worth mentioning. 3 songs were good and back ground music was cool. Debut  director magi thirumeni’s way of telling the story was impressive.

General Analysis:

The movie was very slow. The duration of the movie is just two hours, but when seeing it, it was like 20 hours mega serial. Too many songs in the movie, that may be the reason movie was not impressive. Director being an associate of romance legend gautham menon, we can see lot of traces of gautham’s trademark scenes like kissing, English dialogues etc.. This movie has got many scenes which can be enjoyed in parts, but on the whole this movie is not up to the mark. I personally feel that, the director made the movie only for A class multiplex audience. So it’s totally waste of time to watch this movie in local theaters.

Expected No Days Of successful Run: 20 days

My Verdict: Below Average

Bottom Line: Strictly for multiplex audience

My Ratings:

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