Story Analysis:

Sachin — an ad film photographer by profession, belongs to a rich family. But he stay away from family to enjoy bachelor life. He hate gals to the core.He keeps shifting from one house to another house. During that process, he come across sunaina who lives in the same flat(ground floor).In all movies hero will fall in love with the heroine at first sight, but in this movie for a change, heroine falls in love with hero at first sight.Day by day her love on him becomes stronger.All of a sudden sachin’s parents fix a marriage for him.On hearing this news, sunaina’s heart gets broken and she leaves to kumbakonam due to some family issues. Due to some reason sachin’s marriage gets cancelled and he too end up landing in kumbakonam. The rest of the story is about how the gal express her love to him, whether they both get married etc,..

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Sachin debut actor, performed reasonably well. Sunaina did a decent job. It was good to see her in half saree throughout the movie, traditional costumes too suit her very well. She have improved a lot in acting. Music by james vasanthan was ok, couple of songs was good. Ramesh kanna’s comedy was total waste.No clue about who is the editor and camera man.

General Analysis:

Nowadays tamil audience prefer to watch realistic romance movies like VTV, Kadhal, Allaipayudheay etc., if this is the case, there is no use of making movies with love story which was famous during 1970’s. This movie has got nothing to offer for the current generation audience. As the result, it’s not gonna impress us in any way. Better stay away from this movie and save money. For the sake of sunaina, it’s better to watch the movie stills alone in some website.

Expected Days Of Successful Run: 10 Days

My Verdict: Flop

My Ratings:

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