Aval Peyar Tamilarasi

Story Analysis:

Jai(jothu muruggan) lives with his grand father right from his child hood. At the age of 10, he meets a gal in thol pavai program(a kind of rural entertainment which happens for 10 days in villages).As usual childhood love blossoms between them. As the result, jai forces his grand father to provide accommodation for the entire thol pavai team, so that his lady-love will stay in the same village and study with him in the same school.Years roll on, but as soon the school gets over. The gal scores good marks and she wishes to continue her studies in Maharashtra.

All of a sudden jai feel lonely and don’t wish his lady love to go away from him. As the result, he forces the gal and have a sexual inter-course with her, so that she will be with him forever. But things get changed after that incident.Lot of problem arises , so the gal goes to Maharashtra and stay in her relations house. Our hero faces lot of problems. Jai starts his journey to find his lady love, for 8 years he goes around many places. The climax is all about how he meets her? whether they both join together?

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Jai played the lead role and his acting was good, in most of the places he underplayed to show the importance of the gal’s character, since the entire movie is based on tamil arasi. Nandagi played the female lead, though it’s her first movie, she performed very well. Music by vijay antony was ok, thank god he didn’t try any kind of naaka mukka stuff in this village based story. Cinematography by P.G muthai was good. Comedy track played by kanja karupu provided some laughter in this serious movie.

General Analysis:

I don’t know what director had in his mind when directing the movie, its not either art kind of movie, nor a commercial movie. They tried out to take an art movie, but they failed badly. Lack of story and dead slow screen play spoiled the movie as a whole. There was lot of traces from movies like paruthi veeran, poo, katurathu tamil etc.,, Each and every scene didn’t have any kind of originality.

The total duration of the movie was just 2 hours 7 minutes, but when seeing it, 2 hours 7 minutes movie looked like 20 years mega serial, such a slow movement between the scenes in both first half and second half.  Hats off to the director for coming up with a fresh theme, but didn’t manage to deliver it in a proper way.

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run:20 Days

My Verdict: Below Average

Bottom Line: Aval Peyar Tamilarasi,,, amma peryil mattum than tamil arasi ..

My Ratings:

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