Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya (VTV)

Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya(VTV) is one of the most expected movie of the year, does it live up to the expectations??? Definitely the answer is “YES”.  In fact I would like to put vtv as one the best realistic love story ever seen in tamil cinema. Hats off to Gautham & his team.

Story Analysis:

karthick(simbhu) mechanical engineer falls in love with jessy(trisha) at first sight. As usual hero plays his tricks and make her fall in love on him. But again problem comes in form of religion(Hindu vs christian), as the result, jessy’s father arrange marriage in kerala with another guy. Just couple of minutes before marriage , jessy denies to marry that christian guy and comes out of the church, there ends the first half. Second half is all about whether karthick and jessy join together or they remain as friends. With so many twists and turns, the director ends the movie in a realistic way.

Cast & Crew:

Simbhu played the lead role, and its really gr8 to see him acting in this movie. Apart from acting in masala movies, simbhu proved that he can act in realistic movie without uttering punch dialogues or flying in the air.Hats off simbhu, hope you act in movies like this in future.

Trisha played the female lead. She looked so cute and hot. But at the same time she acted well too, its one of the finest performance by trisha. I dont need to mention about ARR’s songs and Bgm, both rocked and ARR’s music is the biggest plus for the movie. Ganesh who acted as camera man in the movie did well and his timing dialogues was good. Editing by antony was ok, he should have made few scenes crisp and clear in the 2 nd half. Cinematography by manoj paramahamsa was excellent.

General Analysis:

First half was good with omama penea and hosana song placed at perfect place. Pre interval scene was good and it was un expected one. But after Interval, the movie drags a bit.But again the film gets the momentum after few mins. And climax was rocking. Especially the twist in the climax was mind blowing and heart touching.

On the whole, VTV is a movie which will be liked by all youngsters and multiples audience. For the remaining people who belong to C and B class,, its just an average movie which can be seen once.


Please try to see this movie in a decent theater where the audience will remain silent till the movie gets over. There are 2 climax in this movie. In all the multiplex, they will show as sad ending. But in all local theaters, they will show as if trisha and simbu gets married after two years. In case if you witness such climax, then remember that movie is not over and after that scene, 6 more minutes will be there, that forms the climax and its the highlight. Dont miss that last 6 mins. In case if the theater people dont screen it, then come home and see the climax alone in internet. Only then you will get full feel of the movie.

Expected No of Days Of Successful Run:70 days( In A center) 30 days(In B and C center)

Verdict: Hit( In A center) Above Average(In B and C center)

My Ratings:4

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27 Responses to Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya (VTV)

  1. Ganesh says:

    Best review I have ever read. I really like way explained each scene by scene with images. I admire your way of expressing your thoughts and admiring movie so close even the song lyrics with story. All the best!!

    • vanniaperumal s says:

      thanks ganesh for the gr8 compliment.. 🙂 but many are scolding me for writing such big review 🙂

  2. Santhoshi says:

    🙂 good review

  3. Hitesh J says:

    Superb Review….I have ever seen!!!

    Gud U have loved the movie scene by scene tat’s great..

    Gautham is really talented fellow>>>No words to say

  4. divya says:


    Quite impressive with your attempt for the review and its well-written too. But since I am not tamilian, could you plz translate the scenes explanation into english? Please and thank you.


  5. balaji says:

    brilliant review. excellent.

  6. Deepak Sundar says:

    Nice review vanniaperumal, see my review and inspiration about the movie at

  7. Deepak Sundar says:

    Nice review vanniaperumal, see my review and inspiration about the movie at

  8. Sengathir says:

    Superb review anna

  9. amirtha says:

    hey it s classy review of a classy movie…i really like the way u explained the movie…i think tis s again a master piece of gautham…hats off to him….

  10. Santhosh says: more block buster for Gautham v menon. background score is magic.

  11. raghu says:

    hi,machi chanceless da..sorry for called to u da,,,but u explained really superb da…..hatsoff to gowtham….superb and heart touching movie….

  12. raghu says:

    hi,machi chanceless da..sorry for called to u da,,,but u explained really superb da…..hatsoff to gowtham….superb and heart touching movie….

  13. raghu says:

    superb and heart touching movie….

  14. sagar says:

    As u r a movie lover, You have explained the ever green movie by scenes. According to my point of view You have missed a dialog which Jessy says(“avunga(parents) verukurathavida nee Enna verukurathu better nu nenaikurein”). the guy only can experience the toughest moment. though as a guy everyone feels it .. the ever green movie,lesson,feelings given by Gowtham vasudev menon is excellent

    • umar khan says:

      of course, this dialogue is very honest one & too splendid. i have confused, would you tell me who is the dialogue writer of this movie?

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  16. Berlin says:

    Nice review …Just now saw ur blog…
    Continue ur gud work

  17. nice nd touching story!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. shivaranjani says:

    superb review !! the movie was classy!!!! chance-less yah… and i like the dialogs by karthick – “edhuvumey nadakadha madriyae varuva!!!” and “Permission keka varlela sollitu pogalam nu dhana vandha sollitela .. poi kalyanam panniko jessy” and this one by jessy “enaku idhu pidchrku but enaku idhu vendam.. endha luv um vendam endha prachanaiyum vendam”.. superb movie by Gautham!!!

  19. melvin says:

    coolest blog yaar….romba enjoy pannitten, reading this,..

  20. umar khan says:

    out of the world…. my wishes to everyone… especially songs & diagloues are amazing. no words to praise. especailly those dialogues which simbu & thrisha conversed at her home. Chinmayi voice is out of the world, double super. hats off chinmayi. bro – u missed this dialogue also – na vara sonnapo,oru 10mins aavathu yosana pannirupala, athu iruka kuda karthik love la…. & “na ippadi tha karthik, enaku enna venumnu enakay theriyadhu, indha vali pidichiriuku karthik, sure ah solraen ithu mudinji poiduchu. & u know what, enaku cinema paakurathey pidikathu, antha irutu, kootam, satham i hate that. ne padam edukuranu vandhuta, set aagadhu karthik unakum enakum set aagadhu…. after he left him & entered in her room-jessy crying & says that oh god! oh god, intha vali ippadi irukanumnu enaku theriyadhu, enna mannichidu karthik, enaku vera vali therila, enna rmbe veruthudatha karthik…. karthik said – paithiya kaari, paithiyakara thanam, jessi poitae irundha…………….

    • umar khan says:

      this scene also very romantic & intoxicating…
      jessy- unaku aen enna pidichiruku, illa crazy abt u nu sonnala, atha, na alaga irukaenu ninaikiriya? illa na paaka ippadi irukarathu naalaya?
      karthik-athala solla mudiyathu, mudal padam varum paathu therinjika
      jessi-appa na paakura 6aavathu padama irukum, illa thairiyam venumla, oru ponna paarthu, pidichipoie, ava kitta solla thairiyam venum, avala thedi innoru ooruku pursue panna thaa kidaikum.
      karthik – lengthy stories……..
      jessi – nalla pasyura
      karthik – ithu varaikum unna yaarum viratunathey illayae, round katti ninnirupaangalay pasanga, mokka figure kae thalaigeela nippanga…
      Jessi awesome dialogue – yaarum un kan vazhiya paakala pola…. (this dialogue proofs she loves him deeply)
      karthik – puridhu la, indha dialogue en padathula kuda use pannuraen
      jessi – aen athu enaku sontham aanatthu, en permission illama use panna kudathu, you have to pay me for it?
      karthik – anything else for you.

      i have fallen on this movie…. dialogues are memorized… hats of to all….

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