The following review is written in common man’s point of view. So I am gonna forget that  I am an ajith fan for few minsand review the movie honestly.

Asal is one of the most expected movie of Ajith since his last venture Aegan was flop. More over expectations were very high since its been produced by shivaji productions, one of the most prestigious film making company. Does it satisfy all the expectations??? As usual the answer is NO.

Story Analysis:

Father Ajith(jeevanantham) has three sons where Ajith(siva) is the eldest son born due to illegal affair with another lady. Story is all about after the father’s death to whom all the property and money will go to?  Before the father dies, he writes a statement like all the money and property should go to Siva. As the result, the other two brothers try to killsiva and transfer all the money and properties in their name.After the war between the brothers, finally our hero wins and movie gets over.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Ajith plays the role of father and son. There is no much difference between father ajith and son ajith, that is one of the biggest disadvantage. sameera reddy & bhavana are the two ladies of asal. Bhavana played a cool gal role and she did well and danced well,Where as sameera reddy played a corporate gal role and she perfectly matched for that role.

As a producer prabhu appears in few scenes. Yugi sethu took care of comedy, it’s one of the pleasing factor of the movie. Other than that, there are five villains in the movie, out of that five, sampath made a great impact where as others didn’t appeal to be villain.Other than dusathea  and thoothadigang, none of the song stays in our mind. Back ground music was below average. Editing by antony was good and cinematography by prashanth was too good and it was the saving factor of the movie.

General Analysis:

First half was good with couple of songs and comedy scenes, where as second half was very slow and there was no twists in the screenplay.

In spite of having a superb team in hands, saran fails to impress us. I think he tried to take a movie like billa in france. There was so many similarities between billa and asal.Story was very old, and screen play was very slow. I don’t thinkasal’s story is written by yugi sethu.

Stylish walk, car chasing, foreign locations,beautiful ladies and other things wont help if the story is very weak, this is what happened in asal. They tried to make movie to be stylish but they didn’t concentrate on the story. I still don’t know what for ajith involved himself in story making and movie directing. Looks strange to see ajith’s name in listed in name card when they start the movie. Ajith’s involvement doesn’t make any impact in the movie.

Once again bad luck for ajith, better luck next time. But as far as ajith is concerned, flop of hit doesn’t matter. His fans are always there to support him at any cause. He need not worry about all those issues 🙂

Expected No Of Days Of successful Run: 30 days

My Ratings: Above Average


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