In 2007 it was chennai-28, in 2008 it was saroja. 2 blockbuster hits in 2 consecutive years. So the expectations were very high for goa. But when seeing the final product, it doesn’t look like the movie was directed by venkat parbhu. Really got head ache when i stepped out the theater due to so many confusions in the so called screen play.

Story Analysis:

There is no story in this movie. It was like watching lollu sabha in big screens. But still as a review writer i need to mention over all outline of the movie.

The story revolves around 3 guys who live in a village and create so many troubles to the people who live in that village. None of the village people respect them, as the result they plan to go out the village to some other town and live there for few days. Initially they choose madurai, but due to some reasons, they end up landing in Goa. As soon as they land goa, they start searching for a foreign lady to fall in love and marry as well as to settle in foreign. Rest of the story is regarding whether they find their lady love, whether they go to foreign after marriage etc.,

Cast & Crew Analysis:

After seeing these guys in chennai 28 and saroja, we feel bore to see them in the same character once again. So i dont like to waste my time in reviewing about them. Pia plays the role of a pub singer, she did well and her costumes really matched her. But the sad part is that, she did t get any scope to act.

Sneha aunty…. sorry its actress sneha 🙂 i dont know whats wrong with her. She her self knows that skimpy costumes wont suit her in any decade but still she tried to look young by wearing such costumes. I think she can better start doing mother or aunty role in the forth coming movies. Her attitude and acting was so bad in this movie. I don’t know how venkat parabhu asked sneha to do this role. It’s an improper casting. Sampath acted well in the role(gay) given to him.

Yuvan’s background score and songs were below average, don’t know whats wrong with yuvan too. I am not sure of the editor’s name,, he too didnt concentrate on making the scenes crisp and clear. It was like watching tele serial.

General Analysis:

Too much of anything is good for nothing, this proverb holds true for Goa. Chennai 28 was based on street cricket and audience liked it. Saroja was comic thriller and it was good. But what is Goa all about????? It’s very difficult to answer this question.  But still I will try to answer to that questions in few words which are shown below

Goa is all about:

  • Drinking & partying all the time
  • One song for each couple
  • Gay relation ship shown properly in Goa. But still A center audience will understand it and rest of the people who belong to B and C center will laugh at the director
  • Mocking so many scenes and at times, we feel boring when seeing them again and again
  • Guest appearance by prasanna, nayanthara and simbhu which was good but still it didn’t create any impact in the movie

On the whole Goa was enjoyable in parts, cant see the movie fully inside theater with patience.

Mr venkatprabhu, i feel very sad on you for missing the hat-trick hit. At least in the next movie, try to stop mocking other actors/actress and come up with different type of movie. If you can’t stop directing these type of movie, then better you can start directing lollu sabha in vijay tv with the same 5 guys. That will be better i think. Anyways all the best for your next venture.

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 25 days

My Verdict: Below Average

My Ratings:2

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