Aayirathil Oruvan


The review and other kind of analysis shown below are based on the 50% of the movie which i really understood, the remaining 50% of the movie i didn’t understand due to usage of proper tamil in the entire second half.:-)

Aayirathil Oruvan(AO) was in the making process for more than 3 years and its one of the most expected movie of the year 2010. Well, does it really satisfy all the hype and expectations??? It’s very difficult to answer since this movie may be liked by few people and others will hate to the core.

Story Analysis:

The movie starts of with a video which shows the meaning of Aayirathil Oruvan. 1000 years ago, cholas and pandiyas fight against each other, during the war, the king of cholas ask certain people to take his son and go to another place. As the result, the king’s son along with other people migrate to another place and live there. Rest of the cholas people die in war and entire cholas place turns empty.

In the next scene they show an archeologist tries to entire into cholas place, all of a sudden he disappears. As the result a set of people including forest officer( Reema sen) , archeologist’s daughter( Andrea) and helpers enter into cholas kingdom.  The reaming movie is all about whether they enter cholas kingdom, whether they find the missing archeologist etc.,

Cast and Crew Analysis:

karthi plays the role of a helper who travels along with other officials towards the cholas kingdom. His role is just an extension of paruthiveeran’s role. But still he rocked in the entire first half. Reema sen played the role of forest officer, she looked so cute and hot in short costumes. Andrea plays the role of an archeologist. She acted very well and really suited for that role. Apart from these three people, there are n number of actors in this movie. Special mention should be made about the actor parthiban who acted as cholas king. He lived as king and especially the dance for the king theme music was good. Music by Gv prakash was good, especially the first song(MGR song’s remake) and un meela assai than song rocked to the core. Background score was good. Camera work by rami is worth mentioning, he did a decent job and handled camera very well in dark places. Graphics department did a good job. All the technical aspects was perfect as far as this movie is concerned.

General Analysis:

First of all hats off to selva for thinking something different and coming out with a movie which is not a usual masala movie.

First half was racy and entertaining with couple of songs and timing comedies. In the entire first half, they showed the problems faced by the group when they travel towards cholas kingdom.Once they reach the cholas kingdom, there the first half ends.

Second half was exactly opposite to first half. It showed all the happening and problems faced in the cholas kingdom. Intro of the cholas king was awesome. But the language used in the cholas kingdom was some 1000 years old tamil. Thats the reason audience really didn’t understand whats happening in the second half. All of a sudden, they show a flash back for reema sen. In the climax they show a war between cholas and pandiyas. Reemasen belongs to pandiyas group but when she wants to fight against the cholas kingdom, she should use her own people, only god knows what for she order military people to fight against cholas people.

Last 15 mins after the war was total crap, i dont know what for they showed certain things like verbal abuse, military people raping chola kingdom ladies and killing them, military people asking cholas ladies to dance for ghanna song etc.,

Few remedies which have to be taken as soon as possible to save the movie:

  • Include english subtitles in the entire second half
  • Remove the military scenes shown after the war between cholas and pandiyas
  • Trim the movie as much as possible and reduce the size to 2.45 hours movie

I think from tomorrow(16-1-2010) they gonna take all the remedies and re- release the movie.Lets see whether the audience feel comfortable with the second half.

I am planning to watch the movie one more time with english subtitles in dvd and write one more detailed review. Stay tunned for that review!..

Expected No Of Days Of  Successful Run: -NA-

Verdict: To early to judge its verdict.

My Ratings: Very difficult to rate this movie.

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One Response to Aayirathil Oruvan

  1. saikrishbe says:

    you could have avoided giving out the storyline 😦

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