Director ameer joined the director turned actor’s list by acting in a movie named yogi. Yogi was in production stage for couple of years, as the result expectations were very for the movie. But unfortunately the movie didn’t satisfy our expectations.

Story Analysis:

Ameer and other 4 of his friends are happy going guys, they used to rob, murder and do all sort of illegal activities and earn money. As usual when involving  in a robbery, they get into trouble and police chase them, during that time, hero ameer steal a car and escape from police, when getting down from car, he comes to know that, there is a child inside the car. As the result he takes the child from the car and keep that child under his guidance. All of a sudden lot of problems arise around the child, the entire story revolves around the child and way our hero tries to save the child from danger.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Ameer did a decent job, he acted well and he has got a good physique too. Yuvan’s background score was good. Actress madhumitha played the role of lady love, and she did her part well, though she appears in couple of scenes. Cinematography was good.

General Analysis:

Story line was not solid. As the result screenplay was not perfect.First half moved very slow, and they didnt enter into the story. In the second half, last 15 minutes was good. But on the whole when seeing the final product, some x factor was missing. I dont know whether its something wrong with the screenplay or selection of actors, or selection of story. Director subramanisiva was the one who directed dahnush’s thiruda thirudi. I don’t know why he tried to direct a movie by watching and getting heavily inspired by some English dvd movies.

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 25 Days

My Verdict: Below Average

My Ratings:2

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