First of all hats off to vijay for giving yet another flop, this makes 4 consecutive flops in a row. Well vettaikaran is much expected movie of vijay, since his last few films flopped badly. This movie has got support of two big shots namely AVM and sun pictures to produce and promote the movie. But still the movie lags far behind the expectations.

Story Analysis:

Ravi(vijay) a happy going guy who completes 12th standard after four attempts, consider a police office as his role model and wish to become a police officer. He goes to chennai & join in a college.In order to face his daily expense, he drives auto rickshaw. As usual Chennai gangster’s create problem with vijay and there the usual cat and mouse game starts. Finally hero wins as usual. In between vijay meets his lady love anushka in train, and fall in love at first sight and goes behind her and sing songs !..

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Vijay plays the lead role, and its just like a cake walk for him ,since for the past few decades he is playing the same kind of role with same kind of costumes. Only god knows when he is gonna change his way of selecting movies and character.

Anuskha plays the role of so called usual actress who just appear for songs and couple of scenes, in her previous venture arundhathi, she was the hero as well as heroine. But in this movie she didn’t get any scope to act. She was used as a glamour doll, but the difference is that, people who are fed up of watching the same old shriya, trisha,nayanthara in sexy costumes , its good to see anuskha in the same kind of sexy costumes, in fact she looks fresh and better than all other current tamil actress. I am sure she has a bright future and big role to play inkollywood.

Regarding villains, there are n number of villains,, and i don’t remember the name of them. All over acted well. Songs by vijay antony is the only pleasing factor in the movie. But in background score, he failed badly. Editing was bad. Cinematography was not so great.

I think vijay danced less in this movie, something went wrong with cherography. So called punch dialogues suited at some places, but in many places it looked so odd. Babusivan’s dialogues will make all vijay fans happy but all neutral fans will hate such dialogues. kannal kannan stunts were too much and so artificial.

General Analysis:

To be frank vettaikaran is agmark usual vijay movie. First half has got some good comedies and couple of songs, and as usual in the pre interval scene the oridinary man changes into a super man. So naturally in the second half its all about cat and mouse game between the hero and n number of villains. First half was so racy and fast, and second half drags a lot and last 30 mins test the audience patience and the climax was pathetic. Never seen such a climax in tamil cinema.

To put in simple words

Vettaikaran=  Bagavathi+Tirupachi+Sivakasi+sandakozhi+Badsha+Thirumalai+Dhil etc..

Major Highlights Of The Movie:

  • In his previous movies vijay tried out long jump, high jump etc,, so this time he tried out deep jump,, i mean jumping from the top of gigantic athirampalli falls. And the beauty is, inspite of jumping from such a height nothing will happen to him, he will just stand up and give a pose.
  • Only vijay can fly in air as he wish, better we can name him as kaka(crow) vijay. I think he has reverse gear in his body, he started flying in reverse direction too.
  • Only vijay can park the car inside water and lock the car using remote control. I think he invented a new mobile which will work properly even after getting immersed into water for a long time.
  • All of a sudden the villain becomes a minister within one day without any kind elections
  • Vijay’s intro in the movie was chance less. It was so so so funny. Better reach the theater fast and dontmiss the intro of our so called mass hero.
  • Vijay’s son danced in the intro song, he looked cute and handsome, I feel kutti thalapathi is on the way to replace Illaya thalapathy.

And the list goes on, well if i think, i can write lots but i don’t have patience to continue with writing review for this gr8 movie.

Dr vijay please try to change your formula and come up with realistic movies. You have all kind of talent like acting, dancing, singing, sense of humor etc., But you are not using it properly. Join with good directors who have good script and give a block buster hit atleast in the next movie. Please don’t give two more flops and make it as double hat trick flops.  All the best for Sura.

Verdict: Below Average

Expected No Of days Of Successful Run: 25 Days( But sun pictures will make it run atleast 50 days)

My Ratings:2

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