The movie name is naan avan illai part 2, but this movie doesn’t look like second part of the previous part released couple of years ago. It’s just another remake of original gemini ganesan’s  naan avan illai released in 19×0’s.

The part 1 of naan avan illai was a hit due to good screen play, good looking ladies and more over many people who didn’t see the original version liked that movie and that’s the reason it went on for a big hit. Due to it’s success, the same team is back with five different ladies with similar screen play and placement of songs.

Story Analysis:

Same as Naan avan illai part 1

Cast and Crew Analysis:

As usual jeevan plays the lead role. Out of five ladies, only sangeetha and lakshmi rai are known faces, and rest of the three are new comers. They don’t deserve to be an actress, and more over it was very odd to see them in screen. something happened to jeevan i think, he lost his body shape and looking very fat. In some scenes he looked like mama(uncle).

Music by D Imman was a big let down, none of the song was good to hear as well as to see 🙂 Nothing worth mentioning about the direction and screenplay of director selva. Better he should have left the plan of taking a part 2 of naan avan illai. But he wasted the producer’s money.

General Analysis:


Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 10 days

My verdict: Flop

My Ratings:1

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