Kandean Kadhalai


KANDEN KADHALAI is a remake of bollywood blockbuster movie named jab we met. Hindi version was a huge hit and almost every Indian might have seen that movie, even most of the tamil audience like me might have seen that movie in CD/DVD with english subtitles. Remaking such a well known movie is a wrong decision but still director kannan didn’t spoil the originality of the script in the tamil version.

Story Analysis:

Story is all about how two person who have different attitude meet each other and fall in love. This type of love story is something new to tamil cinema. Being a remake of jab we met, i don’t think i need to write the story in detail.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Bharath played the role of a business magnet which was played by shahid kappor in original version. Bharath didn’t even do 10 % of what shahid did in the original version. He just imitated shahid, frame by frame. In colorful t shirt bharath looks cool, but business formal costumes didn’t suit him.The tanglish which he speaks in the entire movie irritated the audience. Tamanna played the role of easy going gal which was played by kareena kapoor in the hindi version. Oh my god, tamanna imitated kareena kapoor in every scene and worst part is that, even the costumes are similar to the original version. Santhanam played a very important role and his comedy was really good and it helped to maintain the speed the screen play.

General Analysis:

First half was the same as original version, i mean frame by frame  (dialogues, costumes, placement of songs) was the same. In the second half, the director tried to make some changes in few places, but it didn’t add any advantage to the script. First half was perfect and second half was too slow in many places. The chemistry between tamanna and bharath was not good, something was missing between them. In hindi version the climax smooch was the highlight but in tamil version it was missing:-)

Music by vidhyasagar is a big let down, none of the song remains in our mind after watching the movie. In the hindi version, songs were huge hit,, but in tamil version????? Cinematography by muthiah is worth mentioning. Dialouges were a biggest drawback in tamil version, its because, the dialogue writer tried to write dialogues same as hindi version so it looked odd in many places,, for example in the second half there is one dialogue like ” naan romba tired a irukiran,, enaku konjam rest thevai  ” . In the same way there are many tanglish dialogues.

I personally felt artist selection for this movie was a wrong a choice , for remaking a blockbuster hit in tamil , i think the artist shown below are correct choice


Being marketed by sun pictures, this movie will do well until another good movie release in the forth coming days.

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 60 days

Verdict: Above Average

My Ratings:3

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One Response to Kandean Kadhalai

  1. Muthusivam says:

    Enda.. padathoda peryara maatha sollu… somba payale.. vela vetti illama summa irukurangradhu therium… height of vettiness…

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