First of all my hearty congratulations to Ayngaran international for producing such a wonderful movie. Peranmai is a movie directed by jananadhan. This is his third movie and i feel he has a bright future in kollywood. Its a different genre movie for both tamil audience and jeyam ravi. After seeing jeyam ravi as chocolate hero for the past few years,in this movie we can see jeyam ravi in a different role( N.C.C Trainer). And he really suited for the role.

Story Analysis:

A group of college girls goes to a village for N.C.C training. Jeyam ravi takes the role of trainer for that group. There the journey starts. Initially he gives training in the college ground, after a certain period, he selects five girls and decide to give training inside the forest. As soon as they step into the forest, there the problem starts. Initially there will be lot of misunderstandings between the group. At a stage they will face some foreign people, who are terrorist trying enter to India via forest and destroy the satellite designed by India. Finally jeyam ravi and his group of gals oppose the terrorist and save India.Entire movie was shot inside forest.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Jeyam ravi as N.C.C trainer carried the entire movie on his shoulder. His physique was good and it really added more advantage for his character. The five new faces(gals) played the role of trainee, all looked very natural and acted very well. Music by vidhyasagar was good in terms of back ground music but songs was not good. Cinematography by sathish was good. As i said early director jananadhan did a great job and only few directors like him tries something new in tamil cinema. Vadivelu’s comedy was good and urvasi did a decent job.

General Analysis:

First half was bit slow, and lot of scenes resembled sharuk khan’s chake de India. But after interval the movie picks up and goes very fast. Each and every scene in the second half was good and it made the audience to sit in the edge of the seat till the climax. In many places dialogues were cut by the censor board,that really affected the originality of the script.

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 75+ days

Verdict: Hit

My Ratings:4

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One Response to PERANMAI

  1. krishnakanth says:

    First i really liked jananadhan’s last two movie “Iyarkai” and “E”. That was really natural.It was not commercial.
    BUT this movie Peranmai: Its a complete BULLSHIT.If you are new to a wartime movie then this will look like the best one you had ever seen.
    But the actual fact is it cannot even get into the class of wartime action movie.Jayam ravi has acted well, the gals have done their job.
    The problem is with the director.He has to be more cautious while delivering a movie to a vast variety of audience.

    let me list the loop holes in the movie.
    First, the movie is more of tamil race biased.They are lauching a satellite with a tamil name “pasumai puratchi”,its really a rare case in INDIA.They say

    “tamizhar vinnaiyum aalalam”.crap.We guys dont even have enough power to save the poor fisher mans who are being shot near srilanka.why the hell

    they think tamil nadu has such great powers.Our Indian navy is incapable of even helping our tamil people.

    I had been into an NCC camp and we have never used TAMIL commands to communicate.But i dont know if it was a pressure to the director to use TAMIL

    words or he was really unaware.

    There was a scene where we had to see Jayam Ravi’s butts on screen the way women used to do,and I can guarantee you that you never see a real men

    show his ass on any screen but if you do, it will not be shaved. It will be hairy and hoary.

    The hero is in charge of leading a team of 5 gals into the forest for training.I dont understand why he has to beg the gals.
    YOU ARE A COMMANDER DAMN IDIOT. You got to command the gals and lead them.And not sing songs on the way.

    I know the scipt was from a Russian Novel, the underneath concept was good. But the way it was told really sucks.These five newly trained Amature

    NCC’s fight against a group of 16 missionaries who are proffessional trained.And for your information they have just got the manual reload rifle in their


    Ah i had to mention it. The fight of Jayam ravi. Does he thinks he is inside a vietnamese jungle so that he can perform a guerilla attack.And i really

    wonder how four gals with no glooves or any hand gaurd can lower jayam ravi at a very high speed and pull him back at the same speed.
    Does the director thinks tamil people dont even have common sense .A 2nd grade child would say the leafs of a tree will fall when shaked.
    But the professional killer one among the villians dont realize that.

    There was another shot where jeyam ravi will come out a tree with a cooling glass on his nose.The killer who has M60 in his hands will get afraid of

    seeing UNARMED jeyam ravi and runs for his life. I cant even imaging how director think jeyam ravi will look like an alien or a predator to the enemies.

    And i know gals talk more.But in this movie Jeyam ravi talks more than that.They have the worst communication code in War history “cuckoo” birds

    humming.And jeyam ravi caves in and shy’s when gals ask him to humm like cuckoo.That scene i really vomitted.I had never seen a commander doing

    that in any war movie in my life time.And this code was used very badly.When Jayam ravi humms in the middle of war, the gals get up from a very short

    distance. I hope code is for people at far distance.This code was easily decoded by the villain.

    Even a computer stimulation of this scenario would fail, with 5 NCC gals and their trainer(not even from Indian army) against 16 trained missionaries who can destory any satellite in any part of the world are incompetant in Tamil nadu.

    And one more thing, does the director thinks we dont know any thing about weapons.Do you think a NCC student who cant even hold the gun pressed

    against her shoulder can operate a 25kg “STINGER MISSILE”.The first gun fire was on a tape recorder.would you ever see something like that in a war

    movie?.I had seen only bullets hitting human parts in a action movie.And the sadest part Nobody on Jeyam Ravi’s side was hit even by a single bullet.
    Not even the makeup was disturbed. NO sweat on the gals face was visible.Jeyam ravi lifts a RAPID FIRE GUN like a paper gun and fires it like a

    mosquito spray. Does he thinks he is rajinikanth. I personally hate the seen where the gals were shown as godess kali and the enemies run seeing it.

    And the comedy in the movie was when the gals say “hey rocket thookudhu down arrow azhuthu”, do they think working on a rocket missile is as easy as

    a video game? And is it only possible in tamil cinema to hack a locked code and a set timer with zero hacking knowledge.

    Roland Kickinger was the only smart guy in the movie and dont ever say that jayam ravi had Good physic in that movie, he was looking like a INDIAN POW.


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