After giving back to back hits (vel, vaaranam ayiram, ayan), Surya is back with aadhavan. But the sad news is that, he couldn’t continue with his hit mania. Aadhavan is a big disappointment from K.S Ravi kumar.When you read the full review, you will understand what actually went wrong in aadhavan

Story Analysis:

Story revolves around the relationship between father and son. Surya is a contract killer, he gets an offer to kill a judge. When he tries to kill the judge, he comes to know that the judge is his father who sent him out of the house long back  due to some silly reason.In the entire movie he tries to act like as if he is gonna kill the judge(father).As usual in the climax surya saves his father from the enemies and movie ends there. It’s 1980′ style story. But now it’s 2009, stories like this wont impress the audience.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Surya rocked as usual, he did his best. But in some places he overacted. Vadivelu is back to form after a long time, his comedy track is back bone of aadhavan and we can also call vadivelu as life saver of aadhavan. As usual nayanthara comes only for songs and couple of scenes. She looked very slim, but something was wrong with her face, it looked very tired in the entire movie. Thank God , after a long time, she didn’t expose too much.

Vetran actress saroja devi’s role was not powerful and in the similar way, there was lot of known faces in the movie and many don’t have any character. Music by harris jeyaraj was a big disappointment. only couple of songs was good. cherography of varaio varaio song was very bad. I don’t know who is the camera man, he too didn’t do well. Anu hassan acted very well.

General Analysis:

First half was good. It has got some good comedies and couple of songs. Second half was very bad. It was very lengthy and nothing worth mentioning in the second half. Climax was very funny & artificial. Climax could have done better. Screenplay was very bad, can’t even believe that , aadhavan is a K.S.R product.

In the second half flash back scenes, surya was shown as 10 years old boy using computer graphics. It was a good attempt but it didn’t add any value to the movie, since the screenplay and story was not strong. I think in this movie surya broke the long jump record set by vijay in kuruvi.

Producer Udhyanithi stalin and K.S.R appears in the screen after the climax fight. It’s mere waste of time. I think if udhyanithi stalin want to act in a movie, he can very well go ahead, since he looks cool and have lot of money too.

On the whole, aadhavan can be seen once for the sake of vadivelu comedy and couple of songs. Gals can see this movie to see handsome surya. Apart from these aspects, aadhavan has got nothing worth mentioning.

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 50 days

Verdict: Above Average

My Ratings:3

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