UPO is a remake of hindi blockbuster movie “A Wednesday”. In tamil version, it has kamal, mohanlal playing the major roles. Being a remake there will be lot of comparison between the original version and tamil version. But to be frank, tamil version couldn’t beat the original hindi version due to so many reasons which i will discuss below.

Story Analysis:

” what happens when a common man becomes angry due to various terrorist attacks and decides to take action against terrorism on his own by using latest technologies and other equipments” . This is the single line of the story. Being a remake most of the audience knows the story and screenplay.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Kamal played the lead role as a depressed common  man, and i don’t need to tell about the acting legend Mr kamal. Mollywood legend mohan lal played the role of a police commissioner, he handled the role very softly and easily. Apart from the two major actors, there are many supporting actors like ganesh venkatram , lakshmi etc.. All the supporting actors did their job perfectly.Music by shruthi hassan was just ok, at some places background music was very high and unnecessary. Manoj’s cinematography was worth mentioning, above all hats off to director chakri for not spoiling the original essence the movie by trying out something different in tamil version.

General Analysis:

This movie doesn’t have any kind of songs, masala jokes, or unwanted superman fights etc.. clean movie with a clear message. Duration of first half was around 45 mins and duration of second half was around 50 mins. people who have already seen hindi version, might just feel bore since, each and every scene was copied including dialogues too. And people who are gonna watch the tamil version directly without knowing the story and screenplay, i am sure they will love the movie.

Hindi version Vs Tamil version:

First of all, story like this is something new to tamil cinema. In hindi version, nazarudhin shah lived as a common man, his body language, dialogue delivery etc etc showcased him like that, but in tamil version, audience see kamal only as a hero and they are not interested in seeing him as common man, thats the only reason,when kamal spoke serious dialogues, audience shouted and danced in theatre, this again shows that maturity level of tamil audience is very low. In hindi version anupam kher played the role of police commissioner, he acted as a strict police man, but in tamil version, mohan lal acted as soft and kind hearted police man which is the biggest draw back. The conversation between lakshmi and mohan lal in many places was unnecessary and its just waste of time.

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 75days

verdict: Hit

My Ratings: 4

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