Whenever a movie gets released under shankar’s production house, then naturally that particular movie will have lot of hype and expectations because, shankar usually gives chance to new comers and gives more important to script and tries out something different. Though his previous venture arai en 305 il kadavul flopped badly, that doesn’t stop shankar to try out something new. Eeram is another healthy product from director shankar’s production house.

Story Analysis:

Following the success of movies like yavarum nalam & arundhathi, debut director arivazhagan tried to come up with a similar type of movie and he finally succeeded. Story was simple, crisp and clear. As usual a gal gets murdered due to selfish activities of few people. After death, that gal comes inform of ghost and take revenge on all the people who are responsible for her death. This movie has a strong social message which was disclosed at the end.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Aadhi was the guy who acted in a movie called mirugam in 2007. In that movie we saw him as ugly village guy, but in this movie its really cool to seem him as a smart police officer. He is the real hero of the movie.Be it romance or speaking dialogues or fighting , he excels in everything and i am sure he has a great future in Tamil industry provided he choose right scripts.

Sindhu menon performed the role of simple college going girl, she performed well and looked so homely.But she over acted at some places. Saranya mohan acted as heroine’s sister, though she doesn’t have any scope to act in the first half, she did a great job in the entire second half and her acting level seems to be bit matured. Nandha played the anti hero role, and its a great move by him and proved that he can do any kind of roles in order to stay in kollywood.

Music by taman, background score was good and songs was not up to the mark. Cinematographer manoj did a great job and he added all kind of elements which are needed for a thriller based movie.

General Analysis:

First half was too good, it was short and sweet. But the second half was bit lengthy. The director could have reduced the no of scenes in the flash back. Climax was bit lengthy. But still the movie was still enjoyable. The highlight of the movie was the social message shown at last.

Social Message:

” Trust Your Life Partner, don’t care about how he/she was in the past, Just see how he/she is at present and how he/she is going to be in future”

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 75 days


My Ratings:4

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