Ninaithale inikkum is a product of sun pictures, but they didn’t promote this movie very well. Its a remake of malayalam blockbuster movie named classmates. Though i didn’t see the original version, i cant compare the Tamil version with the original version.

Story Analysis:

Its all about (happiness,love,enmity,sacrifice,revenge) between a group of classmates who study in the same college.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

This movie has three popular hero’s namely shakthi, pritiviraj, and karthick(the guy who used to act as foreign mappilai in all movies). But as per my view, shakthi performed very well and he dominated in lot of places. And he acted well too.

Pritivi raj, looks cool and smart as usual, though he acted in original version, this role is not new to him. Karthick performed a negative role which doesn’t suit him. He is fit to act only foreign mappilai roles, and villain role doesn’t suit him.

priyamani is the actress, as usual she comes for songs and disappears. Again her voice re-recording is horrible, better she ask some other person to dub voice for her in the forth coming movies. I dont know how much the producer spent to buy face powder for priyamani:-) , over make up in lot of places and her costume and gesture remained me the unneala unneala sada.

Music by vijay antony was just ok, couple of songs and back ground score was good.Backiaraj acted as shakthi’s father, after a long time he acted in sentimental oriented role and he did well.

General Analysis:

First half was very slow, it had lot of unnecessary things like useless comedy, item song, etc..etc.. Second half was perfect, the twist in the end of first half was good, and the reason behind the twist was maintained as suspense till the climax.Romance scenes between pritiviraj and priyamani was artificial.But the first half spoiled the entire flow of the movie. So you can see this movie once for the sake of second half.

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 50 days

Verdict: Above Average

My Ratings:3

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