Kandasamy is one of the most expected movie of this year, right from the day it was launched, it created some sensation  and hype among  tamil audience living all over the world. But the question is, does it live up to the expectations??? The answer is certainly “No” due to various reasons.

Story Analysis:

It’s the same old anti corruption story which we have seen in so many sankar movies like Gentleman, Indian, Annian, Shivaji, etc.. But what is the difference between sankar ‘s movie and this kandasamy?? The main difference is, in all sankar’s movie script will be very powerful supported with proper screenplay and flash back. But in kandasamy, they tried to take a movie in par with sankar’s movie by spending lot of money in costumes, locations, and other things,, but they missed to concentrate on the screenplay and storyline.

Converting black money into white money is the single line story of kandasamy. At the end they came up with a message like each rich person living in India should adopt a village and take care of it. It has few traces of ramana, citizen, and many other movies. The final dialogue of this movie is the same shivaji dialogue “Rich gets richer and poor gets poorer”

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Vikram as CBI officer perfectly matched for that role. And he comes in 4 different get ups like Oldman, lady, Rooster, normal CBI officer. All the getups looked nice, but there was no proper reason for putting all those getups and it was like fancy dress competition. Vikram’s introduction scene was very lengthy and it was irritating too due to lot of un-necessary camera techniques. But his mannerism like a rooster was good. But when he comes in same get up many times, it irritated the audience.  The scene in which Vikram comes as a lady and dance for Aishwarya Rai’s song was great. To put in one word vikram carried the entire movie on his shoulder.

Shriya saran,,,, oh my god,, I don’t know when is going to start acting. We all know that she have a sexy zero size structure, for that, if she show the hips and lips scene by scene, it irritates the audience. As I mentioned early, too much of exposing is good for nothing. I think Radio mirchi suchi gave voice for shriya, which was a wrong choice and suchi’s voice doesn’t suit for shriya. As usual shriya comes only for songs and few so called romantic scenes which are not at all necessary for a movie like this. But her belly dance was too good in belaka song. But shriya fans will have a nice time, whenever she comes on the screen.

Comedy track handled by vadivelu was total crap. And in fact for a movie like this, comedy track is not at all needed. It’s just waste of time. There are 3 villains in this movie, aishish vidhyarthi did his usual job, Vijay tv magic show specialist named alex portrayed as mexio is Don is a wrong choice. Other villain is imported from telegu cinema, and he rocked to the core.

Devi sri prasad’s re-recording was good and only couple of songs like belaka, excuse me kandasamy and meenakumari was good. Editing was not up to level. Eghambaram’s camera work was good, but in few places due to many zoom in and zoom out shots, it again created irritation in the audience eyes.

General Analysis:

The movie was very lengthy which runs for 3 hours 15 mins. First half was good and it contained some fresh scenes and couple of good songs. But the second half was very bore and it didn’t contain any interesting scene. In the second half, the story moves to mexcio, it’s a place which is never shown in tamil cinema. The entire mexico portion was well shot and it was stylish but the fact is that, there was no content in that scenes. I think in order to show the richness of the movie, they shot few scenes and a song in mexico.

On the whole kandasamy is a mass masala which can be seen once for the sake of the hype it created for the past few years. And in case if you are a fan of shriya, then don’t miss this movie, you will get full satisfaction for the amount you paid for ticket.

Vikram is a national award winner, and he is capable of acting in different roles, but as far as kandasamy is concerned, he didn’t  get any scope to act or show is talent. And super hero subject can be done by any hero and national award winner is not at all needed to do this role. And susi ganesan, atleast in your next movie try to concentrate on the story and screen play and then you can concentrate on how to waste producer’s money.

Expected No Of Days of Successful Run: 75 days

Verdict: Above Average (But certain people will call it as Super Hit)

My Ratings: 60/100

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4 Responses to KANDASAMY

  1. ganesh says:

    cool bro…. i agree with your comment … vikram rocked … susiganeshan wants to take a film like shankar not only spending money but he all mixed all shankar film in kandasamy …. there wer lot of unnecessary shots… in this film vikram looked 20 years less..

    chiyaan leads ….

  2. ganesh says:

    You can use these tags:


  3. Sriram says:

    The songs are also irritating… Causes pain in the ear….
    especially when you use earphones… I wonder why the music director became so idiotic to play with the equalizer, as if he is a drunken monkey…

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