Pokkisham is an agmark cheran’s movie which released after a disaster named mayya kanadi, But the sad thing is that, pokkisham is worst than mayya kanadi. For this movie, cheran gave so much built up before it’s release and even compared it with kandasamy which is going to release this weekend.

story wise, it’s the same old love story, i think director the decided to direct all his movies in autograph style. First half moves very very slow and and single scene was repeated again and again(i.e cheran writes love letter to padmapriya and she replies back, in case if the letter gets delayed, then jobless cheran waits near post office to receive the letter).

second half was total crap, all of a sudden hero and heroine fall in love, and they decide to get married, and their parents too didn’t oppose it. But there was a small twist in the love episode. All of a sudden heorine and her family runs somewhere, and hero without knowing it, he keeps on posting letters and expect reply for that letters. So he decides to go to the heroine’s place and see what happened to her. when he comes to know that , she left him and went somewhere, again the same stuff comes like sad love failure song. There the love episode ends. The entire love episode happens in 1970.

The last 20 mins was total comedy, as per story, hero will suffer from love failure, due to his dad’s compulsion he will marry another gal . Even after marriage it seems hero will go and search for his old lover and present wife will support her husband to find out his old lover, don’t know how this is possible in real life?????. Hero’s son finds out some un posted letters written by his dad, his aim is to find out his dad’s lover and give the letter to her. Using modern technologies , hero’s son find out his dad’s lover and comes to know that she is living in malasiya. Then he goes to malasiya and hand over the letter to his dad’s lover and movie ends there . I am sure the story and screen play is being inspired by some other language movies. Anyway in tamil, such type of screenplay wont work out.

Music by sabesh & murali – all songs sounds the same and background score was not up to the mark. The best thing which is mentionable is art direction during the flashback part. Acting wise, its usual type of acting from cheran and padma priya as muslim gal, did her job well and she should concentrate on her weight and try to reduce it in the next movie.

On the whole, if you are cheran’s fan, then see it once without any expectations.

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 20 days

My Ratings: 1

Verdict: Below Average

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4 Responses to POKKISHAM

  1. Subramani says:

    >>> in case if the letter gets delayed, then jobless cheran waits near post office to receive the letter
    somba, jobless… intha padatha yellam paarkiriye, nee thaan jobless 😀

  2. vanniaperumal s says:

    i am a gr8 fan of cheran,, thats y i saw it,, 🙂

  3. niranjana says:

    my god!!d screenplay was damn slow….
    i was not able to sit in d theatre….

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