It’s highly expected saran’s movie after disaster’s like vattaram and idhuya thirudan. But this movie too falls short of the expectations. In fact vinay missed the hat trick hit because of this movie. story wise it’s nothing new, the same old story which we have already seen in prasanth’s star.

First half deals with romance between vinay and kajal agarwal, and romance scenes are totally a crap. Entire romance scenes were logic less. Ex: Heroine throws pepsi tin on hero’s head, because of it, hero bangs his car on the tree, in order to compensate the damage, the hero makes the heroine to work as a servant in his home for few days and during that period love blossoms between them.

Second half had a small twist and that alone was good, but again the movie started dragging. And climax is totally artificial and doesnt have any logic. Kalabavan mani as a villain did his usual job.

Acting wise, vinay suited for the role, but his voice re recording looked awkward. Better he should leave the voice re-recording part to another person, and the same in the case of kajal agarwal too. Songs composed by singer hariharan and his cousin was not impressive. Background score was up to the mark.

Santhanam’s comedy was good, especially the naan kadavul and subramaniapuram comedy was too good.As a whole its a boring movie which is not at all worth watching. seriously i didn’t expect this from saran who directed movies like amarkalam, gemini, kadhal mannan etc..

My Ratings: 30/100

Verdict: Flop

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 25 days

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