This movie has lot of known faces like sundar c, nasar, simran, vivek, devayani etc etc,,so naturally the movie looks so colorful, but the story was not so impressive. Its the same old story which we saw in 1980’s tamil cimena, i.e) family containing five brothers who live together happily, as usual some external villains tries to create some problem and break the family and split the five brothers. In the climax as usual, all the five brothers fight against the villains and join together and the movie ends there.

First half was good, especially vivek carried the entire first half. As usual sundar C did a decent job . But the heroine,in fact i dont know her name. She doesnt look good and doesnt deserve to be an actress. Simran looks bit old, better she can start doing mother role instead of dancing for romance songs in beach. Devayani continued her tele serial acting in silver screen too.

Second half was too slow,, and few scenens seem to be repeating again and again. But again climax was good and credit goes to vivek. Songs was too too bad, it just caused an irritation in our ear drum. The movie would have been good, if the director badri removed unwanted scenes and concentrated on the screenplay. Guest appearance by Radha ravi was good.

Over all its an average movie which can be seen once for the sake of vivek’s comedy and first half, other than that, it has got nothing special. Its a 3 hours tele-serial with some good comedy scenes.

My Ratings: 40/100

Verdict: Average

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 40 days

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One Response to AINDHAM PADAI

  1. niranjana says:

    how did u have patience to watch dis movie……..

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