Vamanan is the first single hero movie for Jai, it released exactly one year after subramaniapuram which was huge blockbuster in 2008. Story wise it doesn’t have anything new or interesting, its the same old wine served in a new bottle.

First half has lot of comedy , little bit of romance,little bit of action scenes and little bit of glamour, but still first half moves fast and the full credit goes to comedian santhanam and urvasi. Apart from that new face priya didn’t get any scope to perform. She just comes for songs and disappears. Lakshmi rai playes the role of a model, though she perfectly matched for that role, her voice was horrible, some other person should have given voice to her during re-recording.

Second half was bit slow, and screenplay was not up to the mark. The audience can easily guess the next scene very easily. And in-fact the second half is just cat & mouse game like most of the tamil movies. sampath and rehman played the villain role and their role was not powerful.

climax sequence was not up to the mark, it was like seeing cartoon in POGO:-), Director should have concentrated in the second half but he missed it.

Yuvan’s couple of songs and re-recording  was good and cinematography by aravind krishna is worth mentioning.

Jai’s performance was good but at times it looks like he over acted in few scenes. He should improve in dialogue delivery and body language.

On the whole vamanan is a movie which can be seen once for the sake of comedy and few songs, apart from that, it has got nothing great which is worth mentioning.

My Ratings : 40/100

Verdict: Below Average

Expected Days Of Successful Run: 30 days

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One Response to VAMANAN

  1. rakesh says:

    expected days of run shud be one weak and not more than that da,…JAi said in one interview that of all his films VAamanan wil be the successful one… i really dont kno on wat basis he said that , ethically its not gud 2 say like that as if he s putting his own money and doing. and one more thing i dont like santhanam and even if his comedy is gud in bits i wont appreciate it cos he thinks like he s gud in commenting and he s trying 2 do like GOundamani , which he can nvr achieve even in his dreams and yuvan shankar raja is one asssoul and he s trying 2 behave like A r Rehman so this whole combination is a disaster, i wont watch this movie and i wil nvr evr watch in dvd also

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