Nadodigal is one of the superb movie released so far in 2009. Though this movie didnt had any pre release hype, it satisfied all kind of  audience right from A center to C center. This movie has lot of new faces, but they dont look like new faces, all performed very well especially sasikumar stole the entire show through his natural acting and facial expressions.

Story line is very thin, but the screenplay and the way the movie was shot made the movie different from other masala movies. First half was fun-filled with lot of timing comedies and couple of songs. Last ten mins in the first half i.e temple scene was too good and its something new to tamil cinema. Later in the second half, emotions playing a major part, but still its not like mega serial. Climax was good.

This movie clearly portrays the  importance of friendship and they clearly showed the way by which today’s modern guys and gals use the word called “LOVE”.

The biggest plus point of this movie was the dialogues which was so real and at the same time it was meaningful.Hats off to samuthirakani and his team for coming up with a great movie which has both entertaining aspects and social message.

As this movie is all about friendship, do watch it with your close friends.

This movie again proved that story and screenplay matters and not popular heros, music directors, directors etc. Atleast by seeing this movie, masala movie directors and heros should change their way of movie making.

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 100 days

My Ratings: 90/100

Verdict: Blockbuster

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