Masilamani is yet another masala movie from sun pictures, starring nakul and sunania. This movie has lot traces of kadhalil viluendhean. The worst part is that this movie has no story. First half is fully dominated by M.S Bhaskar’s comedy. His comedy track was mind blowing. But he tries to imitate all other popular actors of tamil cinema which is something bad.

Second half is usual cat and mouse game. This movie has got few good scenes, apart from that it has got nothing entertaining. Songs are not up to the level except dora dora and divya song.Background music looked very outdated.

On screen chemistry between nakul and sunania was good. But the sad part is that, nakul too tries to become an action hero. Though this is his second movie, he speaks punch dialogues, do superman stunts etc ..Climax and Intro scene was very silly and doest add any advantage to the movie.

On the whole, this is a movie which can be seen once for the sake of comedy tracks by santhanam,MS baskar,karunas. Or better wait for few more days , they will put all the comedy tracks in comedy channels.

My Ratings: 35/100

Vedict: Below Average

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 20 days

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One Response to MASILAMANI

  1. saikrishbe says:

    Some people are good at converting black to white! šŸ™‚

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