First of all hats off to vishal for acting in such masala crap :-),, Thorani is the most expected movie for vishal as his previous movie sathyam was big flop, but thorani seem to be worst than sathyam πŸ™‚

Story wise it has nothing new,, its just a rehash of all vijay movies like tirupachi,sivakasi,pokiri etc, the worst part is it has all vijay movie villains like prakash raj,kishore etc,,, it was like seeing vijay movie,,and vishal trying to imitate vijay in all the aspects,, but nothing worked out at last πŸ™‚

Shriya pairing with vishal for the first time, looks so ugly, it was like seeing black and white movie :-),,chemistry between vishal and shriya is zero πŸ™‚ shriya doesn’t have any role in movie,, she just comes for songs in sizzling costumes, but her skin show doesn’t add any advantage to the movie πŸ™‚ Better she take her own time and listen to the story first and act in role oriented movies, if she continue to act like this, then soon tamil audience will send her home. Too much of anything is good for nothing,, in the same way if she expose too much in all the movies, after a certain point of time, audience will get fed up. In this case simran was good, she acted both in role oriented and glamour oriented movies in proper ratio, that’s the reason she ruled kollywood for 10 years. I don’t think any actress can achieve her place πŸ™‚

Manisharma’s background music and songs were very disappointing, never expected this from him, he was the one who gave decent music for vishal’s mallaikottai.Β 

Again all the dialogues in this movie is just remix of all vijay movie dialogues πŸ™‚ The only compensating factor in the first half is santhanam’s comedy track, other than that nothing happens in the first half. Second half is worst than first half,, asusual in the climax all villain’s die and movie gets over…

I feel vishal thinks that by promoting his movies using sexy stills of his co-star, all people will come and watch his movies :-),, that is where he makes mistake. During the release of sathyam, he released sexy stills of nayanthara in internet, magazines etc,, now he did the same by releasing sexy shriya stills including lip kiss stills in net to increase the hype of the movie. But the final result is both the movies are flop πŸ™‚ Hope vishal takes this as lesson and dont do it next time, in case if he do the same next time, then all people will watch the stills in internet , magazines etc and wont watch the movie in theatre:-)

Stars like Ajith , Vijay etc added a tag name like ultimate star, iliya thalapathi etc only after acting in many movies, but this vishal acted in single digit number of movies and added a tag name called puratchi thalapathi and imitating illiya thalapathi in all the movies 😦 better he should have named himself as illiya thalapathi part 2 instead of puratchi thalapathi :-),,

Last but not the least, advanced wishes to vishal for giving hat-trick flop πŸ™‚

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 20 days

My ratings : 10/100( Ten marks is only for santhanam’s comedy)

Verdict : Flop

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