To put it in one word, mariyadhai is a remix of vikraman’s old movies like vanathaipola, unnai niniaithu,priyamana thozhi etc,,,,,it contains vikraman movie’s usual songs sentiments etc,, story wise there is nothing new. captain performed well as usual in father’s role,, meera jasmine & meena play the female lead,,and have lot of scope to perform. 

Comedy is handled by ramesh kanna & co,,except 1 or 2 comedies,, rest of them are bore. But still movie itself will be as comedy for youngsters. so watch it once for the sake of laughing at captain right from first scene to last scene:-)  ,, and captain wearing amir khan’s ghajini dress for a song and all is too much,,

vijay antony’s song’s sound good,, but as usual video is horrible:-)

If this movie was released in 1980’s then it might have been super hit,, but its too late,,and today, people wont accept these type of movies. It might be liked by few ladies belonging to B and C centers.

My Ratings: 35/100

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 20 days

Verdict: Flop

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