Ayan – the most expected movie of this summer which have great people like AVM, surya, K.V Anand, Harris Jeyaraj etc,,,and above all its distributed by SUN pictures. In ayan we can see bubbly surya, to put it in a one word,, its full and full surya’s show. 

Story wise its not new to tamil cinema,, as usual stuff  like fight between 2 big gangs involved in smuggling goods and making fake products. But the screen play was extremely good. Few scenes were brilliant. Stunts was mind blowing,, i have never seen such stunts in tamil cinema. The duration of the movie was around 3 hours,, 1 st half was good,,and 2 nd half was bit dragging,, but still the songs were rocking,, especially vizhi moodhi and nenja nenja songs were nicely picturized.

The car chase scene shot in malasyia and stunt scene shot in africa was good,, and the villain did a decent job,,Tammana as usual comes for song, she didnt get any chance to perform,, just comes for few scenes, i think she has to improve in acting 🙂

Kv Anand did a decent job in handling camera as well as direction. prabhu being a senior actor, performed well,, and Harris Jeyaraj’s back ground score and songs were good.

The screen play was neat and clear,, but the climax is artificial,, there was no logic behind it:-)

They should have reduced the size of the movie 🙂 but still theatre operators will do that job 🙂

Finally for the sake of Surya, songs and stunts we can see once and its a decent outing from surya after Vaaranam Ayiram”s success.

Verdict: Above Average

My ratings:55/100

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 75 days

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